Chronology of Research Activities

Geography 367, Landscape Analysis: Cultural -- Settlement Geography of Eau Claire was first offered as a three-week Interim course in 1978. Enrollment has been restricted to about 21-25 students each year. Students have collected data on various characteristics of houses in Eau Claire and these data have been accumulated into one huge database. The stages of this community research project are outlined below. The eventual purpose of this research is to create a community atlas on the World Wide Web about the architectural styles, house and lot characteristics, occupational categories, and socio-economic household patterns in Eau Claire since the 1870s. In addition, faculty and student will use these data for publications and presentations.






Stage 1


1978 - 1985

7,106 houses surveyed in the field; data from the City of Eau Claire Assessor’s Office records

architectural, assessment, and property data

Stage 2

1986 - 1992

Eau Claire City Directories for every 10 years, 1910-1980

occupation by decade for occupants in every house surveyed

Stage 3

1993 - 1995, 1999

field checked forms for completeness and accuracy of architectural, assessment, and occupational data

complete and accurate data for all the houses originally surveyed in Stage 1

Stage 4

1996 - 1997

created web pages for the internet

web pages for Parts of a House, Characteristics, and Styles

Stage 5

1998, 2000- 2002

analysis of city directory occupational data. Map these data in 2002

tables, graphs, maps for 1910-1980 for individual streets and for the whole city

Stage 6


tombstone analysis of two public and one private cemetery in Eau Claire

summary data and graphs

Stage 7


extract data from the U.S. Census of Population and Housing by block, grouped block, and census tract

socio-economic household maps

Stage 8


Photography and get assessment information for houses built from the 1980s to 2008

classify house styles from the 1980s to 2008; present results on web

Stage 9


Independent research projects selected by students

Research projects on various topics

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