Eau Claire:  Housing & Lot Characteristics

Information for "other housing and lot characteristics" came from the Eau Claire City's assessor's office. Study each of these characteristics:
Age of Housing    House Sizes    Number of Rooms   Lot Sizes    Value of Houses    House Ownership
The original assessment ended in the1970s.
In 2008, students collected assessment information for six streets in the southern suburbs of Eau Claire; these results are compare in graphic and tabular form only (but not with maps).

Vegetation and the Value of Houses
Research shows that trees boost property values from 30 to 67 percent. A study of 760 single-family homes which were sold between 1993 and 2000 in greater Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, found that landscaping (lawns, flowers, rock plants, hedges) boosted property values. And landscaped patios added 12 percent to the value of houses (sources: The Economist, 20 December 2003; and Journal of Real Estates Research , 2002). Money Magazine (2004) reports that money spend on well-planned landscaping has a recovery rate of 100-200 percent higher than on kitchen or bathroom renovation.

Eau Claire City's assessor's office is located in City Hall. Individual properties can be found either by the name of the owner(s) or the address of the property. Each property has an identification number which consists of the ward and parcel, e.g., 2-0294 for the 605 Earl Street listing shown below. Examine each side of the record below for the kinds of information that is available for every house in the city.

ec city hall.jpg (32451 bytes)
Eau Claire City Hall

ec assessor's office.jpg (32700 bytes)
assessor's office

ec assessor's records.jpg (25296 bytes)
assessment records

ec assessor's addresses.jpg (46180 bytes)
addresses of owners of properties

ec assessor's name list.jpg (46642 bytes)
names of owners of properties


earl st  record page1.jpg (116510 bytes)
front side of one property assessment record

earl st record page2.jpg (147413 bytes)
back side of one property assessment record

ec court house 1950s.jpg (32476 bytes)
Eau Claire County Courthouse,
Registrar of Deeds, 
legal descriptions of properties


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