Nevada Brothels

What do the red hearts stand for?Where are they concentrated? Answer below.
Map source: J. R. Schwartz, The Official Guide to the Best Cat Houses in Nevada. Boise, ID: Straight Arrow Publishing, 1991.


Visit the Cherry Patch and Mabel's brothels in Nye County, about 60 miles north of Las Vegas.

In 2000, Nevada had one arrest for every 478 residents for prostitution or "commercial vice"; neighboring California only had one such arrest for every 2,731 residents [Source: The Economist, 10 May 2003, p. 29].

Optional: read about the latest idea to make a brothel a tourist attraction!

red heart= brothels, places for legalized prostitution;
Brothels are concentrated just outside Las Vegas and Reno and mostly along major interstate highways where truckers use this service.
Except for the counties in which Las Vegas and Reno are located, some form of prostitution is legal in the rest of Nevada, the only state in the United States that has legalized prostitution. Illegal prostituion of course occurs in Vegas and Reno.