Relic Landscape of the Iron Curtain in Germany

A Joke: An Ossi (east German) says to a Wessi (west German): "We are one people!" The Wessi replies to the Ossi: "So are we."
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The results of this research were based on detailed field work along the northern one-third of the former German-German border, from the Baltic Sea to Helmstedt on the Autobahn to Berlin.

Examine the remaining relic landscape along the former Iron Curtain by clicking
on the numbers on the map or on the place names below:
  1. Travemünde and Pötenitz beach area
  2. Schwanheide railroad crossing
  3. Hitzacker on the westside of the Elbe
  4. Rüterberg village "republic" in Eastern Germany
  5. Schnackenburg on the westside of the Elbe
  6. Bergen-Salzwedel highway crossing
  7. Dahlendorf and Groninger forested area
  8. Wittengen forested area
  9. Zicherie and Böchwitz divided villages

Landscape MemorialsRemembering the border landscape

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Web sites on the former border from USA military perspectives:
1) 2d Squadron in Bad Kissingen, Northern Bavaria -- click on The Grenze