Ingolf is a common first name and place name in Iceland, where a street (Ingolfsstraeti), statute (Ingolfur Amarson), town square (Ingolfstorg), sandy headlands (Ingolfshofdi), and mountain (Ingolfsfjall) are named Ingolf.

Indeed, the first known settler in Iceland was named Ingolf. Aside from Ingolf, Ontario, Greenland has two physical features (a fjord and mountain) named Ingolf.

Not related to Ingolf Vogeler, but with the same last name, the artist Heinrich Vogeler (1872-1942) worked in a villa in Worpswede, near Bremen, Germany.


In addition, my name, Ingolf Vogeler, is used as the hero of a science fiction novel, The Sunrise Lands, which is a post-apocalyptic 2007 novel by alternate history author S. M. Stirling. It is the first book of a tetralogy that is set in the the Emberverse series.