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1999 IAAF World Cross Country Championships

 Senior Men's Short Course 4K Race

The men's short course race began with a full sprint as the Kenyan team dashed the opening quarter a couple of ticks under 60 seconds. American Adam Goucher clung to the back of six-man Kenyan team for the opening 500 meters, but had fallen off the pace by the kilometer mark.

The Kenyan dou of Benjamine Limo and Paul Kosgei traded surges keeping up a stiff pace that thinned down the lead pack to fellow Kenyans James Koskei and Daniel Gachara, and a talented pair of Ethiopians, Million Wolde and junior Hailu Mekonnen.

The two Kenyans opened up a 10 meter lead over the Ethiopians on the second trip through the muddy pasture loop. "We don't have mud like this in Kenya," Limo noted "but we do have hills."

Limo sprinted to victory, but graciously credited his runner-up "Paul kept the pace very high and led us to a strong team victory." Limo and Kosgei's 1-2 finish paced a superb14 point score for the Kenyans, with Koskei and Gachara taking 5th and 6th. Morocco finished second with 45 points, with Ethiopia third at 55.

Goucher struggled after the opening sprint, but rallied over the final Kilometer to finish 12th -- notably the first non-African. The US Team finished ninth with 161 points. Tom Nohilly finished 45th, Jason Stewart 47th, Dan Middleman 57th, Dan Browne 69th, and Scott Strand 85th.

 R E S U L T S

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400m Kenyans - LoRes - HiRes
1K Pack - LoRes - HiRes
1.5K Limo Leads - LoRes - HiRes
1.5K Kenyan Pack - LoRes - HiRes
2K Kenyan Team - LoRes - HiRes
2.3K Lead Pack - LoRes - HiRes
2.3K Close-up - LoRes - HiRes
2.5K Lead Pack - LoRes - HiRes
3K Limo & Kosgei - LoRes - HiRes
3.2K Limo & Kosgei - LoRes - HiRes
Fimish Limo - LoRes - HiRes
Fimish Kosgei - LoRes - HiRes
1.5K Goucher - LoRes - HiRes
2K Goucher - LoRes - HiRes
2K Browne - LoRes - HiRes
2K Nohilly - LoRes - HiRes
2K Strand - LoRes - HiRes
2.5K Goucher - LoRes - HiRes
2.5K Browne - LoRes - HiRes
2.5K Nohilly - LoRes - HiRes