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1999 IAAF World Cross Country Championships

 Senior Men's Long Course 12K Race

Paul Tergat claimed a historic fifth straight IAAF Cross Country title leading his Kenyan team to a near perfect 12 point score. Joshua Chelanga set a stiff pace for the Kenyan contingent who had dropped all but Portugal's Paulo Guerra by 3K. Tergat surged into the lead in the 6th kilometer, and built a 50 meter lead over a muddy loop through the 'back pasture.' A kilometer later, Tergat slowed "to run with my friend" the surprising 20-year-old Patrick Ivuti. The two Kenyans ran together for the second-half of the race, until Tergat sprinted ahead in the final 400 meters. The mud-splattered Guerra became a favorite of the vocal Irish fans as he moved past Paul Keoch, Evans Ruto, and Chelanga, and blew kisses to the crowd while sprinting home to a 3rd place finish.

Paced by Tergat and Ivuti's 1-2 finish, Kenya easily won the team title scoring a near-perfect 12 points. Ethiopia finished second with 57 points, while Guerra's Portuguese team was third with a 76 point effort.

US National Champ Alan Culpepper paced the U.S. team to a 7th place finish taking 21st -- one place ahead of Gary Stolz. Culpepper established his position in the top 25 early in the race, while Stolz worked his way up through the pack. Tony Cosey finished 36th, while Clint Wells was the final scorer in 54th place. Chris Graff (70th) and Ray Appenheimer (89th) rounded out the squad.

START - LoRes - HiRes
1K Kenyans - LoRes - HiRes
2K Pack - LoRes - HiRes
2K Kenyan Pack - LoRes - HiRes
3K Kenyan Pack - LoRes - HiRes
3K Brown Gives Chase - LoRes - HiRes
4K Guerra & Kenyans - LoRes - HiRes
5K Ivuti Surges - LoRes - HiRes
5.3K Ivuti & Tergat - LoRes - HiRes
5.5K Ivuti & Tergat - LoRes - HiRes
5.5K Chase Pack - LoRes - HiRes
6K Tergat Moves - LoRes - HiRes
6K Tergat & Ivuti - LoRes - HiRes
6K Guerra - LoRes - HiRes
6K Ruto - LoRes - HiRes
7K Tergat - LoRes - HiRes
7K Guerra - LoRes - HiRes
8K Tergat & Ivuti - LoRes - HiRes
8.5K Tergat & Ivuti - LoRes - HiRes
10K Tergat & Ivuti - LoRes - HiRes
11K Tergat & Ivuti - LoRes - HiRes
Fimish Tergat - LoRes - HiRes
Fimish Guerra - LoRes - HiRes
Tergat - LoRes - HiRes
1K Culpepper & Cosey - LoRes - HiRes
2K Culpepper & Stolz - LoRes - HiRes
3K Culpepper - LoRes - HiRes
3K Stolz - LoRes - HiRes
3K Cosey - LoRes - HiRes
5K Culpepper & Castro - LoRes - HiRes
5K Stolz - LoRes - HiRes
5K Cosey - LoRes - HiRes
5K Wells - LoRes - HiRes
Finish Culpepper - LoRes - HiRes
Finish Stolz - LoRes - HiRes
Finish Cosey - LoRes - HiRes
Finish Wells - LoRes - HiRes
Finish Graff - LoRes - HiRes
US TEAM - LoRes - HiRes