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1999 IAAF World Cross Country Championships

 Junior Men's 8K Race

Sunday's race card began with Ethiopian Hailu Mekonnen doubling back to edge Kenyan favorite Richard Limo in the Junior 8K Race. A day earlier, the precocious Mekonnen ran down World Indoor 3K medalist Millon Wolde in the final 500 meters to take the bronze medal in the men's short course chase.

The Kenyan Team set a torrid pace from the gun, and by 2 Kilometers only Mekonnen and his Ethiopian teammate Abiyote Abate managed to keep pace with the Kenyan quintet of Limo, Kipchumba Mitei, Albert Chepkirui, Sammy Kipketer, and Kipkorir Lebo.

By 5 Kilometers, the lead pack was down to four-- Kenyans Limo and Mitei, and the Ethiopian duo of Mekonnen and Abate.

Mekonnen challenged the Kenyan's on the big uphill then powered away in the final kilometer to claim a 5 second victory. "I had never beaten Richard Limo," Mekonnen noted, "but he looked tired and I thought I'd take a chance."

Kenya won the team title with the 16 point score of Limo (2nd), Mitei (3rd), Chepkirui (5th), and Kipketer (6th). Ethiopia finished second with 24 points, and Tanzania third with 77.

The United States team finished sixth with 126 points. Fasil Bizuneh paced the US squad taking 25th place, followed by Isaiah Festa 30th, Luke Watson 34th, Steve Slattery 40th, Adam Tenforde 55th, and Jorge Torres 64th.


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1K Kenyans - LoRes - HiRes
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2.5K Lead Pack - LoRes - HiRes
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4K Close-Up - LoRes - HiRes
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6K Mekonnen - LoRes - HiRes
7K Lead Pack - LoRes - HiRes
Fimish Mekonnen - LoRes - HiRes
Fimish Limo - LoRes - HiRes
1K Festa & Bizuneh - LoRes - HiRes
2K Bizuneh & Festa - LoRes - HiRes
2.5K Bizuneh,& Tenforde - LoRes - HiRes
3K Bizuneh,& Tenforde - LoRes - HiRes
3K Festa - LoRes - HiRes
3K Torres - LoRes - HiRes
4K Bizuneh - LoRes - HiRes
4K Tenforde - LoRes - HiRes
4K Festa - LoRes - HiRes
4K Watson - LoRes - HiRes
4K Slattery - LoRes - HiRes
5K Bizuneh - LoRes - HiRes
5K Watson - LoRes - HiRes
5K Torres in mud - LoRes - HiRes
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