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 This website is a combination of stories, pictures and tables detailing the 1997 Chicago Marathon. Race Stories, Interviews, Results and Splits are available via the main menu. Over 30 Photos of the race are accessed via the main map page or from the Splits page. Note that these photos are 80-120k JPGs - and they may load S L O W L Y. Covering the race via a bike, I was able to keep tabs of the lead pack and the second pack - but in the process missed some key shots (such as Kannouchi finishing) and saw precious little of the women's competition. Web design is admittedly basic - placing an emphasis on functionality. HTML was generated via PageMill, and is ported on a SGI workstation. Thanks to Chris Hartweg, head of Media Relations for the Chicago Marathon, for his assistance in securing splits, interviews and a race course photo pass.


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