Jason A. Halfen, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry


Camille and Henry Dreyfus Foundation Teacher-Scholar


443 Phillips Hall

Phone: 715-836-4360

e-mail: halfenja@uwec.edu

Fax: 715-836-4979


“Quality Inorganics Since 1997”

Metal Mediated Organic Synthesis

Our primary research objectives lie within the field of metal-mediated organic synthesis, particularly in the development of copper-catalyzed carbon-nitrogen bond formation reactions. To this end, we are actively involved in the preparation of new homogeneous catalysts for the aziridination of olefins and the amination of alkanes.



Synthetic Bioinorganic Chemistry

We have long-standing interests in the preparation of synthetic models of the active sites of metalloenzymes that protect aerobic organisms from the toxic effects of the indiscriminant oxidant superoxide. The active site of one such enzyme, a mononuclear superoxide dismutase (SOD) is shown below.


X-ray Crystallography

We also operate and maintain the departmental X-ray crystallographic facility, providing atomic-resolution structural data to members of the university community and beyond.

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