Physical Geography Links


Global Atlas of Palaeovegetation
Vegetation and Plant Distribution Maps - Links

Earthquakes and Related Natural Hazards

Japan 3.11.2011 Earthquake -- Before/After Satellite Photos (NY Times/GeoEye)
Japan 3.11.2011 Earthquake -- Tsunami (NOAA PMEL)


Acme Mapper (online viewer of topo maps, digital terrain models, USGS DOQs, etc.)
Earth Viewer (Fourmilab Switzerland)
Encyclopedia of Earth
Lat-Long Finder
NASA Earth Observations (NEO)  (Michael Pidwirny)
The Physical Environment: An Introduction to Physical Geography (Michael Ritter)


Bedforms and Cross-Bedding in Animation (USGS)
Earth as Art (USGS EROS Center)
Geomorphology From Space: A Global Overview of Regional Landforms
Geomorphology Specialty Group of the Association of American Geographers
Historical Variability of Valley Bottoms in the Colorado Front Range (Colorado State)
Virtual Geomorphology

YouTube Videos
-- rock slide in Tennessee


Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service -- Chippewa River at Eau Claire, WI (NWS)
Current Conditions -- Chippewa River at Chippewa Falls, WI (USGS)
Current Conditions -- Chippewa River Below Dells Dam at Eau Claire, WI (USGS)
Current Conditions -- Chippewa River at Grand Ave at Eau Claire, WI (USGS)

Current Conditions -- Chippewa River at Durand, WI (USGS)

Global River Discharge Database (Center for Sustainability and the Global Environment)
Rainfall Frequencies -- U.S. (National Climatic Data Center)
Stream Systems Technology Center (USDA Forest Service)
Water Data for the Nation (USGS)
Water Data of the Nation -- Current (USGS)
Water Resources of Utah (USGS) (Lake Powell and other Colorado River reservoirs)


Soil Profiles (Michigan State University, Department of Geography)

Weather and Climate

     Climate-Data.Org (climate data for cities worldwide)
     Climate Prediction Center (NWS)
     Earth's Seasons (U.S. Naval Observatory)
     Earth System Research Laboratory (NOAA Physical Sciences Division)
     Global Climate Animations (University of Oregon)
     Motion of the Sun Simulator
     National Climatic Data Center (quick links to data sets)
     National Climatic Data Center (CLIMVIS - Climate Visualization)
     U.S. Drought Monitor (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
     World Climate Data
     Western U.S. Climate Historical Summaries (Western Regional Climate Center)
     BBC Weather (UK)
     Canada Weather
     Jet Stream Analyses (San Francisco State University)
     Meteorologica -- UK and Europe Weather images
     Met Office -- United Kingdom
     National Center for Atmospheric Research -- Real-Time Weather Data
     National Weather Service
     National Weather Service (Twin Cities Weather Forecast Office)
     Next Generation Weather Lab (College of DuPage)
     OSU Weather (Ohio State University)
     Upper Air Data (University of Wyoming)
     UM Weather (University of Michigan)
     Unisys Weather
     The Weather Channel
     Weather Underground
     World Meteorological Organization -- Severe Weather Information Centre
     World Meteorological Organization -- World Weather Information Service
     Wyoming Weather Web (University of Wyoming)
     Weather World 2012 - Current Weather (University of Illinois)
Satellites -- Info and Data
     CIMSS (Cooperative Institute for Meteorological Satellite Studies, UW-Madison)
     Interactive Weather Satellite Imagery (NASA)
     NOAA Environmental, Satellite, Data, and Information Service
     UW Extension Ag Weather (University of Wisconsin-Extension)
     Satellite Composite Images (Space Science and Engineering Center, UW-Madison)
     Space Science and Engineering Center (UW-Madison)
General Climate/Weather Education
     A (Hopefully) Simple Explanation of the Coriolis Force
     Bad Meteorology
     Houze's Cloud Atlas (University of Washington)
     Jetstream - an Online Weather School (NOAA)
     Severe and Hazardous Weather -- Intro (University of Illinois)
     Skew-T Mastery (UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
     Weather and Climate Basics (UCAR - University Corporation for Atmospheric Research)
     World Weather 2010 Project (University of Illinois)
Weather Photos
     Extreme Instability