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What are People Pages?

People Pages are space for faculty and staff to develop their own professional web space.

This web space is intended to be used for professional information related to studies or employment at UW-Eau Claire. The majority of these pages should be related to courses being taught, job-specific functions, publications, etc.

Incidental personal use is allowed. For instance, a site owner could publish a picture of their dog or family member, but not an entire photo album. For information of a personal nature, site owners are encouraged to link to a separate, external personal site.

What is the disk space quota?

Site owners are allotted a standard 100MB of disk space for their site. Quotas like this help conserve disk space and the amount of money spent to back it up, but they also protect from abuse of the resource.

Site owners will receive an email notification each time their site's disk space usage reaches 75%, 95%, and 100% of the quota. At the 100% limit, site owners will not be able to add to or modify any of the files in their web space until they either remove files to bring it under the limit or request to have their limit increased.

Additional space is available at 100MB increments, once per calendar year. Larger buckets of space are available for cases demonstrating exceptional need (at the discretion of the Web Technology Coordinator).

Site owners are encouraged to periodically clean their People Page sites, removing pages, images, and other files that are no longer needed.

Are there any file type limitations?

The following types of files are not allowed on People Page sites:

  • Executable files
  • Video files
  • Audio files
  • Dynamic web files

If a site owner attempts to place one of these file types on their People Page, they will receive an error message and an email notificaiton; the file transfer will not be completed.

Learn more about file type limitations »

What other requirements must be followed?

People Page site owners take full responsibility for the content on their sites. These responsibilities are described in general below.

  • Publishers must comply with local, state, and federal laws, including copyright laws
  • Publishers should keep their information, including contact information, up-to-date
  • People Pages are not to be used for personal or commercial use
  • Web publishers must follow the UW-Eau Claire Computer and Network Usage Guidelines, the UW System Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources, and the UW System Administrative Policy 1000 Series; inappropriate or unacceptable use, as defined in these guidelines and policies, may result in the revocation of site privileges and other sanctions
  • Official campus graphics, such as the seal and wordmark, are allowed but not required on People Page sites; if used, however, publishers must follow the UW-Eau Claire Brand guidelines
  • All sites and site content must meet or exceed web accessibility requirements of ADA, Sections 504 and 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, and IDEA (more information is available at WebAIM)

Non-compliance with any of these responsibilities may result in the revocation of site privileges.

How long are sites available?

People Page sites are removed at the same time other computing resources—such as email accounts—are removed when a faculty/staff member leaves the University. If site owners wish to retain their work, it is the responsibility of individual site owners to copy files to a different resource prior to that time.

Alternatively, if a site owner decides to move their site off-campus, a redirect to the new URL will be created for eight weeks. Once the redirect expires, the website will be archived and removed.

How do I get a People Page site?

People Page sites are available to current faculty and staff at UW-Eau Claire. To request a site, please fill out the People Page Request form.


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