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This page includes links to syllabi for my current (Spring, 2020) courses.

Given the length and amount of information in these, you will likely benefit from a hard copy during the semester.


Introduction to Sociology, 101-3-print (mwf@ 9 am)



Introduction to Sociology, 101-4-print (mwf@ 11 am)



Sociology of Deviance, 351-1-print (mwf@ 1 pm)




This page also includes a discussion section, where you can see some questions and answers students have asked me in class and through e-mail. For the time being, if you want to ask me a new question, or join in an ongoing discussion, e-mail me with your questions and comments. In the future I plan to add a message board that will allow you to directly participate in discussions without going through me.

Understanding research articles is critical to doing well in my classes. You should understand how to read a research article, and this page gives you a comprehensive breakdown on how to do that.

One additional resouce available here is a list of books I have ordered for the UWEC library. You may want to look at some of these, especially if you are writing a paper using Symbolic Interactionist theory.


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