IS-240 Course Syllabus

Note This is a generic syllabus, and each section will have varying syllabi provided by that section's instructor.


Course Description: A study of information systems in business to include management decision support systems, concepts of systems analysis and design, and information processing. Students will learn to use and apply various software programs as productivity tools.

Class Schedule:

Course Structure: This is a hands-on, performance-based class. The majority of class time is spent on hands-on learning and problem-solving activities to develop skills essential for success in future courses, your career, and personal productivity.

Course Learning Objectives: Upon completing IS 240, students are able to:

  1. Identify and explain the components of an information system
  2. Apply a common project process to the development of systems
  3. Use information systems to ethically solve problems and make decisions
  4. Differentiate information systems concepts and vocabulary
  5. Apply collaborative skills to produce team projects
  6. Use and apply various software programs as productivity tools

Communication: Instructors do their best to respond quickly to email, especially when you use proper email criteria. Check your UWEC email and D2L News daily for class-related updates or announcements.

Email criteria*:
  • Use your UWEC provided email account.
  • Include your name, class section, and when appropriate, your team number in your correspondence.
  • In business, as with course-related correspondence, email is regarded as a professional means of communication. Proper capitalization and punctuation are required.

*Emails not following proper criteria may receive a blank reply or a link to this page.

Accommodation of Disabilities:

Students with disabilities are encouraged to discuss their needs with the instructor, preferably during the first week of class. All reasonable accommodations will be made to see that disabilities do not restrict a student's opportunity to learn. Help is also available from Office for Services to Students with Disabilities (Old Library 2136, phone 715-836-4542).

Course Textbooks:

BDT Textbook coverUWEC Bookstore Rental: Business Driven Technology (Baltzan), 6th Ed., Boston: McGraw-Hill Irwin
(Click for larger image)



Excel Textbook CoverUWEC Bookstore Rental*: New Perspectives Microsoft Office Excel 2013 (Parsons), Introductory
(Click for larger image)



*SAM 2013 Projects Access code: The Excel textbook has an online assessment component called SAM, which requires an access code in order to create an account and access the required materials. This will be provided by the instructor.

Software: The Microsoft Office 2013 for Windows version of Excel software is required to complete the Excel tutorial/SAM projects. You can download Microsoft Office 2013 or Microsoft Office 365 free through the On-The-Hub web site at:

Laptop computer: This is a laptop required course. All College of Business students are required to provide a laptop computer running the Windows 7 or 8 operating system for courses that require laptops as per the COB Laptop Initiative ( If your laptop is out of service, you may rent one from the campus library.

Mac computers running the Mac OS and Mac versions of Office have limitations, and will NOT work for some assignments - details and alternatives are available in D2L under the Resources > Mac FAQ menu on the Navigation bar.

Assessment items Approximate % of overall grade
Assignments & Projects 58%
Quizzes 24%
Exams 18%
ASSESSMENT: Assignments & Projects

There are numerous graded individual assignments and team projects throughout the semester. You may work ahead on the Excel/SAM tutorial assignments, and submit them any time before the due date. However, they will not be graded until after the due date.

Document Quick-Links: Assignments | In-Class Discussion | Projects


Assignments follow a naming convention using a prefix followed by the unit and assignment number and your last and first names. For example, Asn2-1_LastnameFirstname indicates assignment 1 from unit 2. You will be reminded in each assignment page.

The SAM project assignments are exempt from the naming convention, and must be named as directed by the SAM 2013 instructions.

When required, the standard individual assignment heading must contain your name, the course with section and assignment, and current date. The heading must be left aligned, on the leftmost top of the document, and formatted as shown in the following example:

Kyle Broflovski
IS-240.00X, Asn1-1

Assignment due dates: With the exception of the In-Class Discussion assignments, all other assignments are due in the appropriate Dropbox folder in D2L, and Excel SAM projects uploaded to the SAM 2013 website, by 11:59 p.m. on Fridays as listed in the weekly assignment pages or Calendar.

In-Class Discussion:

All students are assigned an in-class discussion/presentation assignment during the semester. The assignment is individually graded, but the date you present is determined by team number. The semester schedule is listed below, with criteria outlined in the weekly assignment pages in D2L.

Week Team
2 1
3 2
5 3
7 4
8 5
9 6
12 7
14 8

Document naming criteria: The prefix is Disc, followed by the week number and your name. For example, the week 3 discussion/presentation document must be named Disc3_LastnameFirstname. Use the standard assignment heading as outlined in the assignments page above, substituting DiscX for AsnX-X.

Documentation due dates: Discussion/Presentation documents are due in the In-Class Discussion Dropbox folder in D2L BEFORE class time on Wednesday of the week they are due.


Since our team is presenting on the same day, can we create a "team" PowerPoint? Creating a team PowerPoint is encouraged if the topic is better communicated. However, regardless of the style of presentation (individual, team PowerPoint, online demo, etc.), your grade is determined by your individual, on-time Dropbox submission.


Projects follow a naming convention using a Project prefix followed by the project number, Team, and your team number. For example, Project 1 must be named Project-1_Teamx (x = team number). You will be reminded in each project page.

Project due dates: Team projects are due in the appropriate Project Dropbox folder during class as listed in the weekly assignment pages or Calendar.

When required, the team assignment heading must include the team number, all contributing team members, the course with section and assignment, and current date. The heading must be left aligned, on the leftmost top of the document, and formatted as shown in the following example:

Team 0
Eric Smith, Mary Poppins, Meg Griffin, James Simpson
IS-240.00X, Project-1


How are team projects graded? Although the projects contain individually graded components, there are also team grading criteria. Review each project page for details.


Assignment due dates: All assignments are due in the appropriate Dropbox folder in D2L, and Excel SAM projects uploaded to the SAM 2013 website, by 11:59 p.m. on Fridays as listed in the assignment pages or Calendar.

Project due dates: All projects are due in the appropriate Dropbox folder in D2L during class as listed in the assignment pages or Calendar.

Be sure to review the Submitting an Assignment, Viewing Submitted Files, and Viewing Feedback instructions at this LTS Online Help link:


I did not submit my assignment or project to the Dropbox. What are my options? If you fail to submit an assignment or project to the Dropbox by the deadline, you will be required to use one of your make-up options for reduced credit. If you already used both make-up options, you will receive 0 credit. Exceptions may include pre-approved events, verified extended illness, accidents, or similar. Contact the instructor for details and/or approval. Technology issues, forgetting, or miscalculated complexity are not considered exceptions.

Can I email assignments as attachments if the Dropbox is closed or I miss the due date? All assignments are to be submitted only to the appropriate Dropbox unless arrangements have been made with the instructor. Review the Assessment Make-up Options page below for missed or late assessment items.

Can I submit more than one file to the Dropbox? If you submit an incorrect file by mistake, you may submit one additional file before the deadline as long as it has not already been graded. Files submitted beyond the 2nd submission will be ignored. Be sure to put a comment in the Description box letting your instructor know which file you want graded.

How will I know if my work was successfully submitted to the Dropbox? You will receive an e-mail from D2L indicating that you successfully uploaded your submission to the Dropbox. If you did not receive the email, assume it was not successfully uploaded, and verify the procedure. Keep a copy of your email message, and ALWAYS check the Dropbox History feature to verify your correct file(s) has been uploaded.
ASSESSMENT: Quizzes & Exams


Quizzes are D2L-based online quizzes*

The Week 1 Quiz is open until 11:59 p.m. on Friday during the first week of class, and based on the week 1 reading assignment. This first quiz has unlimited attempts and a 10 point possible value.

The remaining weekly quiz criteria are as follows:

  • Open 4 days from 7:00 a.m. Saturday to 11:59 p.m. Tuesday evening.
  • 10 questions randomly selected from the Business Driven Technology textbook question banks with a 10 point possible value.
  • 2 attempts available with a 15 minute consecutive time limit (highest score recorded).

Upon completing the quizzes, the submission view will not immediately display questions or feedback. Any time after the quiz period ends (11:59 p.m. Tuesday), the submission view will display all questions and responses along with the correct answers and feedback. To access the submission view, click the action arrow beside the quiz and select Submissions, and click on Attempt 1.

Quiz and exam submissions

*At the instructors discretion, paper hand-out quizzes may be substituted for the D2L-based quizzes.


There are 4 D2L-based online unit exams*

  • Exams 1-3 are open 3 days from 12:00 p.m. Friday noon to 11:59 p.m. Sunday evening (starting/ending times may change depending on holidays or unforeseen events).
  • 25 questions randomly selected from assignments, projects, in-class activities, the Excel textbook, and material presented during class.
  • 1 attempt with a 40 minute consecutive time limit.
  • The unit 4 exam serves as the final exam with an extended ending time as listed in the weekly assignment pages or Calendar.

Upon completing the exams, the submission view will not immediately display questions or feedback. Any time after the unit exam period ends (11:59 p.m. Friday), the submission view will display all questions and responses along with the correct answers and feedback. To access the submission view, click the action arrow beside the exam (see illustration below) and select Submissions, and click on Attempt 1.


Lowest Unit Exam Score Dropped Opportunity:

As a bonus, students with no missed assessment items and no more than one unexcused absence qualify to automatically have their lowest unit exam score dropped at the end of the semester after completing ALL unit exams. In other words, you can not skip the final unit exam (or any exam). The lowest unit exam score will not be dropped if the result lowers your final grade. Items completed using either of the make-up options will not count as a missed assessment item.

In-Class Exams:

*At the instructors discretion, in-class hand-out exams may be substituted for the D2L-based exams.


What is meant by a "consecutive" time limit? If you start an exam with a 40 minute time limit at 4:00 p.m., you have until 4:40 p.m. to finish the exam. You must complete the exam without interruption once it has been started. The clock does not stop if you exit or log out of D2L, and will not "pick up" where you left off. For example, if you close the exam at 4:05 and re-enter at 5:30, you will have exceeded the time limit and D2L automatically assigns a "0."

Is there a comprehensive mid-term or final exam? No. A unit exam may fall around the mid-term time frame but will only be on the current unit material. The Unit 4 Exam is the final exam, but only consists of the unit 4 material.

You have two opportunities to submit or complete a missed or late individual assessment item. This includes assignments, quizzes, or unit exams 1-3.

You must contact the instructor before 3:30 p.m. on the day following the missed item's due date in order to use a make-up option. A 25% late penalty will be assessed on the first make-up item, and a 50% late penalty will be assessed on the second make-up item. After contacting the instructor, you will have until the following evening at 11:59 p.m. to complete or submit the assessment item. Missed make-up options or assessments missed after using the second option will result in zero credit.

The make-up options cannot be used for assessment items due during the last week of the regular semester (week 15), or the Unit 4 (final) exam.

Missed assessment items: Any missed assessment item(s) will disqualify you for the Lowest Exam Score Dropped Opportunity. Items completed using either of the make-up options will not count as a missed assessment item.


I didn't do so hot on an assessment item. Can I use my make-up option to get a better grade? No. The make-up option is only for missed, late, or submission of incorrect assessment items.

I submitted the wrong assignment to the Dropbox. Can I use my make-up option? Yes, but only once. Further incorrect submissions will result in zero credit.


All assessment items must be completed at a competency level appropriate for a college student. A minimum of 10% of your assessment grade may be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Central Theme/Topic/Issue; Clear, Succinct
  • Logical and Coherent Organization
  • Appropriate Level of Supporting Detail
  • Visual Appeal (heading structure, graphic highlighting, paragraph length)
  • Syntax, Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, and Mechanics

Link to Department, College of Business, and University goals.

New from the BCOM Department:

The Business Writing & Presentations Studio helps students in any business course with their business writing and presentation needs. Our goal is to enhance and strengthen students' written and oral communication skills.

Writing Studio, Schneider 322 | Assistance is provided for all forms of written business communication, including email messages, formal letters, press releases, business reports, and employment documents such as resumes and cover letters.

Presentations Studio, Schneider 216 | Assistance is provided for all forms of professional presentations. Tutors also offer suggestions to students to help them plan, facilitate, and lead small-group meetings and round-table discussions.

Appointments are available in 15-minute blocks. Students are limited to two, 15-minute tutoring sessions per week. Students who need more time can schedule back-to-back appointments on the same day or return later in the week for a second appointment.

Walk-in appointments are welcome, but if students want to guarantee a tutoring session, they should sign up for an appointment online at:

Grading scale - Letter grades are based on the grading scale below and determined by the percentage of points earned in the assessments.

Grade Percentage
A 93 - 100%
A- 90 - 92%
B+ 87 - 89%
B 93 - 86%
B- 80 - 82%
C+ 77 - 79%
C 73 - 76%
C- 70 - 72%
D+ 67 - 69%
D 63 - 66%
D- 60 - 62%
F 0 - 59%

Grades are automatically rounded to the next whole number. For example, an 89.4x is a B+, where 89.5+ is rounded up to an A-. There are no exceptions or "bumping up" of grades "close" to the next higher grade level, regardless of how few points are required.


Where can I find my current grade? You can check your current grade at any time by viewing the Grades page in D2L.

What can I do? This is a common question, usually asked near the end of the semester when it's most likely too late to make any real changes. The answer is usually simple: "Do well on the remaining assessments, or repeat the course if you are not satisfied with your potential grade."

Are there extra credit options? There are no extra credit assignments available, and no "high-point" mid-term of final exams to make up for a poor semester; simply complete the assignments to the best of your ability and submit them on time.

TipBe Proactive! There is an Excel Hypothetical Grade workbook found in the Course Documents folder. Open the file and follow the directions to calculate your hypothetical final grade at any time during the semester.

Remember that YOU are responsible for your grade, not the instructor!

Ethical Conduct:

To pass this course, you are to behave in accordance with defined norms of professional ethics. In part, these include submitting assessment items and arriving in class on time; doing your own work on all assessment items; attending all class sessions; behaving collegially; and obeying the law. Unethical behavior will be dealt with according to University policy (

You are expected to attend class and prepare for class by reading the appropriate material as listed in the weekly reading assignments. If you must miss class for any reason, you are held responsible for obtaining notes, handouts, assignments and any other materials that you may have missed due to non-attendance. The instructor will not hold a personal "review" session for missed classes.

Everyone has the right to distraction free learning in this class. On days when computers/tablets are allowed, Facebook, YouTube, texting, IM, games, or other distractions are prohibited. Phones and iPods must be turned off and put away during class.

Academic Misconduct: You must do your own work on all assessment items. Always log in with your own user name from the computer you are using while completing assignments. File tracking, file compare, and encrypted coding procedures are used, and students caught sharing or submitting the same file, parts of a file, or submitting another persons work as their own will receive a zero for the assessment grade, your actions will be recorded with the Dean of Students office, and further action may be taken according to the UWS 14-Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures (

Copyright: Standard copyright laws apply to all course material. Review for copyright laws and information.

Please observe the UWEC College of Business Code of Conduct located at


The University requires class attendance, and that attendance is recorded and reported to administration. Attendance will be taken daily at the start of the hour. Unexcused absences and being late for class will have the following effect:

    • One unexcused absence: No effect - it happens!
    • Two or more: Disqualification from the the Lowest Exam Score Dropped option
    • Three to five: Reduction of your final grade by one-third letter at the end of the semester. For example, a C will become a C-
    • Six or more: Reduction of your final grade by one full letter at the end of the semester. For example, a C will become a D
    • Tardiness: Each third offense of coming to class late will be recorded as an unexcused absence

Excused versus unexcused absences: Emailing the instructor does not automatically make your absence excused. For absences to be considered excused, you may have to provide the proper university release form, a slip from a doctor or clinic, or in some cases have an e-mail sent to the instructor from the Dean of Students on your behalf. If you are unsure of the University absence policy, check out the web site at Examples of unexcused absences include "my ride home is leaving early," weddings, last-minute unsubstantiated Friday illnesses, etc.

Funerals: Contacting the Dean of Students for funeral related absences is no longer required in order for the absence to be considered excused. Instead, provide the following information to the instructor before missing the class: Name and relationship of the deceased, date of the funeral, location and name of the funeral home.

Your number of recorded unexcused absences will be updated at the end of each unit and available in D2L. If you have a discrepancy with the number of unexcused absences listed, contact the instructor before the Friday @ 3:30 p.m. following the end of the unit, since absence status will not be changed retroactively after that date and time.

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