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Dr. Martha Fay

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Martha Fay's primary teaching and research interests focus on how interpersonal communication functions to achieve organizational goals, and includes such areas as informal communication, leadership, and identity/identification processes. She is currently working on projects related to remote workers, organizational identification, transformational leadership and conflict, and family communication patterns. Having worked professionally in business management, marketing communication, and strategic planning, and also owning and operating two businesses, she is especially driven to combine theory and practice in my teaching, such that both students and their employing organizations realize maximum benefit from the educational experience.
As Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire she teaches introductory and advanced organizational communication, small group communication, professional interviewing, and the senior capstone class for public and organizational communication students. She has also taught advertising in society, persuasion, public relations, and humanity in literature and nature. Before moving to Eau Claire, she taught organizational communication classes at Ohio State for four years while earning her doctorate, marking a return to academics after 25 years in the private sector. She earned her undergraduate degree in journalism from Kent State University, and her master’s degree in communication and business from the University of Dayton.