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Smiling Day by Day

Daily I support the student employees that manage the LTS Help Desk. We have had up to 30 employees. Currently we are running with only 22.

Learning Through Technology Support

Every day I learn from these employees. Often valuable lessons in life to the latest technology tool or trick.

The story of my employment at UW-Eau Claire

Working on this campus since Feb 2000, I started off as the night coordinator at the CNS Help Desk. Later CNS (Computing and Networking Services) was changed to LTS (Learning and Technology Services, which led me on a path to start helping CITI with workshops. I really enjoy teaching people things that made their jobs easier. I continued to work with the CNS Help Desk 50% and the other 50% was running a technology training bootcamp for technology student employment. Both of these position were LTE positions and my hours were during the day instead of evenings. That program lasted about 4 years until my focus changed to training the internal Help Desk Student employees to better support our campus. During this time the number of employee started to increase, as well as the duties that the Help Desk had taken on. For 2 years, The student Laptop check out pool was located with us until it was handed over to the Library. In 2005, CNS merged with TLTDC to form LTS. With this transition came more phone calls regarding classroom technology.