James S. Walker    Email:  walkerjs(at)uwec(dot)edu              My YouTube channel: Mathematics and Music

Department of Mathematics
University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
Eau Claire, WI 54702 - 4004



I received my doctorate from the U of I. Chicago in 1982, my master's degree from the
U. of I. Urbana-Champaign
in 1977, and my bachelor's degree from SUNY Buffalo in 1975. 

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    Professor at UW - Eau Claire 1997 - Present
    Visiting Professor at Boston University 1998 - 1999
    Associate Professor at UW -Eau Claire 1988 - 1997
    Visiting Associate Professor at Washington University in St. Louis 1990 - 1991
    Assistant Professor at UW - Eau Claire 1982 - 1988
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    • FAWAV - A Fourier / Wavelet Analyzer (freeware).  This program 
      does Fourier and wavelet analysis on digital signals (1D and 2D).
      It requires the Microsoft WINDOWS operating system.

                 Fawav (Ver 1.1, 5/25/00) - main installation program.
                 After downloading, unzip all files and run setup.exe.

                 Update (5/26/01) - last update of Fawav 1.1 (no further
                 updates will be made).  After downloading, unzip all files and
      copy fawav.exe to the \fawav main directory and copy all
                 *.hlp files to the \help subdirectory.

                  Fawav (Ver 2.0, 9/05/07) - main installation program.
                  After downloading, unzip all files and run setup.exe.
                  This version of FAWAV  is the lastest and standard version
                  of FAWAV.  It requires different library files than Ver. 1.1, 
                  and was created with a new  compiler.

    • ImComp - An image compression program.   (This program
      requires that you first install FAWAV Ver 1.1.)

    • CompDen - A combined image compression/denoising program.
      (This program requires that you first install FAWAV Ver 1.1.)
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Talks (since 1996)


    New methods in wavelet - based image denoising.
    Aug. 23, 2001
    Invited talk in session on Pseudo-differential operators, wavelets and time-frequency quantization at 3rd International Congress of the International Society for Analysis and its Applications and Computation.
    New methods for wavelet - based compression and denoising.
    Sept. 22, 2000
    Invited talk in session on Pseudo - differential operators and wavelets at AMS Sectional Meeting in Toronto.
    A New Wavelet Based Image Compression Algorithm Sept. 22, 1999
    University of St. Thomas Center for Applied Mathematics
    A New Adaptive, Progressive Image Codec May 15, 1999
    Boston University, Department of Photonics
    Wavelet Analysis and Fourier Analysis July 17, 1997
    Magnetic Resonance Imaging Department, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN
    DIFFEQ June 22, 1997
    A computer package for solving differential equations. NSF Workshop on Teaching Differential Equations, DePaul University, Chicago, IL
    An Interdisciplinary Course in Fourier Optics Jan. 11, 1997
    Joint math. meetings, San Diego, CA
    Computer Modeling of Wave Phenomena June 12, 1996
    Math. Modeling Symposium, UW - La Crosse
    Modern, computer assisted, Fourier analysis Jan. 13, 1996
    Joint math. meetings, Orlando, FL
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    Classes Taught

    Have taught a wide variety of undergraduate mathematics courses, including: College Algebra, Pre - Calculus, Finite Math, Business Calculus, Calculus, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Abstract Algebra, Fourier Analysis, Fast Fourier Transforms, And Fourier Optics.

    Curriculum Development
    • Developed a course on Fourier analysis. Taught this course for 15 years.
    • Developed, in consultation with a colleague in Physics, an interdisciplinary course on Fourier Optics.
    • Wrote computer software, DIFFEQ, with a 45 page User's manual for use in differential equations courses. Have used DIFFEQ to teach differential equations in three classes, and in three seminars. Two colleagues have used the program in their classes.
    • Taught several seminars on wavelets, computer methods in differential equations, difference equations, mathematical methods for quantum mechanics, Fourier optics, and FFTs.

    Student Mentoring

    • Supervised many independent studies on topics such as Fourier series, Fourier optics, differential equations, mathematical methods in economics, mathematical methods in quantum mechanics, and functional analysis
    • Worked with three different students - from Spring 1996 to Summer 1997 - on developing a computer program for doing Fourier and wavelet analysis.
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    Review of books by Y. Meyer and K. Trimeche. Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society, Vol. 31 (1999), pp. 740 - 743.
    Contributing Editor for the Comprehensive Dictionary of Mathematics. To be published by CRC Press.
    Regular reviewer of papers for IEEE Journal in Signal Processing, for IEEE Transactions in Acoustics, Speech, and Signal Processing, and for the The American Mathematical Monthly. Have also reviewed papers for the AMS Journal of Computational Mathematics, for Computer in Physics, and for the UMAP Journal.
    Reviewed book manuscripts on FFTs, on Fourier series, on harmonic analysis, on complex analysis, on PDEs, and on calculus.
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My book, A Primer on Wavelets and their Scientific Applications, received an Outstanding Academic Book for 1999 award from Choice magazine.

Sub-contract, Image Compression for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles,
with Boston University (NSWC/CSS Grant).  P.I.:  Truong Q. Nguyen.

Velocity, Shear Rate, and Temperature Balance of Polymer Flow through
Extrusion Dies
(UW-System Applied Research Grant).  P.I.:  Mohamed Elgindi.