James S. Walker   Publications


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  • FAWAV - A Fourier / Wavelet Analyzer (freeware). This program
    does Fourier and wavelet analysis on digital signals (1D and 2D).
    It requires the Microsoft WINDOWS operating system.

    Fawav (Ver 1.1, 5/25/00) - main installation program.
    After downloading, unzip all files and run setup.exe.

    Update (5/26/01) - last update of Fawav 1.1 (no further
    updates will be made). After downloading, unzip all files and

    copy fawav.exe to the \fawav main directory and copy all
    *.hlp files to the \help subdirectory.

    Fawav (Ver 2.0, 9/05/07) - main installation program.
    After downloading, unzip all files and run setup.exe.
    This version of FAWAV is the lastest and standard version
    of FAWAV. It requires different library files than Ver. 1.1,
    and was created with a new compiler.

  • ImComp - An image compression program. (This program
    requires that you first install
    FAWAV Ver 1.1.)

  • CompDen - A combined image compression/denoising program.
    (This program requires that you first install
    FAWAV Ver 1.1.)