Math 440 - Phys 440  Spring 2009  (M W 6:00 pm to 7:15 pm)

                          Digital Image Processing

Instructor:  James S. Walker

This course will be an example-oriented introduction to the basic techniques in digital image processing, emphasizing ideas from both Fourier analysis and wavelet analysis.  Students will make use of the freeware Fawave (a Fourier and wavelet analyzer),  ImComp (an open source image processor), and Image Analyzer (a free image processor) for performing image processing.  We will examine image compression, image denoising (removing random clutter from images), and image enhancement using both the standard methods of Fourier analysis and the new, improved methods of wavelet analysis.

A nice feature of the class is that it can be taken as either Math 440 or Phys 440.   The only prerequisite is Math 215 (Calculus II).


Examples:  Click on any of the links below to see examples of the kinds of topics we will discuss in the course.

Image compression

Removing noise (random clutter) from images

Image enhancement

Relation to Vision

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