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  I am an anthropologist teaching at the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. My professional interests include Legal Anthropology, North American Indian societies and cultures (especially Micmac), Anthropology of Religion, Linguistic Anthropology, World Music, Cultural change, Economic Development of North American Indian societies, Gift-giving, Political Anthropology, and a number of other subjects.

My office is located in Phillips Hall, room 246, and my telephone number there is (715) 836-2843. My preferred email address is:

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My Introductory Cultural Anthropology course


My North American Indians course


My Anthropology of Law course

Here is a great link to U.S. North American Indian legal information (which may be of great use to my Anthropology of Law students).

Are you interested in foreign law? So am I!! 


Do you find yourself stuck for resources for a big research paper? Use this link, which will take you to all of the great research libraries in the USA and Europe.





One of the high points of the year for the Nova Scotia Micmac. This is the procession of St. Anne, the patron saint of the Micmac, at Chapel Island in 1981. Leading the procession are some members of the Micmac Grand Council, the traditional leadership of the Micmac people of Cape Breton Island.