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Judy Sims - communication journalism

Book Chapters

Sims (2007). Globalization and the privatization of radio in Greece: Influences, issues and consequences.  In  I. A.  Blankson & P. D. Murphy (Eds.), Negotiating democracy: Media transformations in emerging democracies (239-258). SUNY Press.

Gribas, J. & Sims, J. (2005). Metaphoric illumination and symbolic ambiguity:  Applying the team metaphor for perceptual reorientation. In Lawrence Frey (Ed.), Facilitating group communication: Innovations and applications with natural groups Vol. 2. Facilitating group tasks and team communication (pp. 177-201). Hampton Press. 

Journal Publications

Sims, J. (2003, Winter). The interplay of politicians and media owners in Greek radio:  Pluralism as diaplokí. Journal of Radio Studies, 10 (2), 202-215. 

Sims, J. (2003). Streaming student speeches on the Internet: Convenient and connected feedback in the basic course.  Basic Communication Course Annual, 15 (2), 1-40.

Sims, J. & Giordano J. (2001, Spring). A content analysis of local television news: Coverage of controversial issues and diverse populations in Eau Claire, WI.  Journal of the Wisconsin Communication Association, XXXII, 29-46.

Giordano, J. & Sims, J. (1999). Wisconsin parent/guardian descriptions of children’s behavior related to the viewing of local/national television news.  Journal of Wisconsin Communication Association, XXX, 9-20.

Gribas, J., Giordano, J., & Sims, J. (1998). Communication consultants as organizational sensemakers: Applying the team metaphor. Pennsylvania Speech Communication Annual, LIV, 39-56.

Sims, J. & Giordano, J. (October, 1996).Wisconsin parental evaluations of legislative and non-legislative solutions to violence on television.  Journal of Wisconsin Communication Association, XXVII, 38-54.

Sims, J. & Giordano, J. (Spring, 1994). Newspaper coverage of the 1992 presidential campaign. Journal of Communication Studies, XII (2), 77-94.

Sims, J. (1990). Pluralism in transition: Cultural implications of the legalization of private and municipal radio broadcasting in Greece. Dissertation Abstracts International, 51-08A, p.2558.

Sims, J. (December, 1986). Deregulation of radio--strengthening first amendment 
rights of broadcasters or weakening first amendment rights of t
he listening public? Freedom of Speech, XII (1), 9-12.

Online Publications

Pluralism as Diaplokí: The Interplay of Politicians and Media Owners in Greek Radio Broadcasting. http://www. media@media.net.gr

Sims, J. (2002, October 30). Cool, convenient and connected: Using streamed media in the basic speech course.  Teaching with Technology Today, 9 (2).

Published Reviews

Sims, J. (1999, Autumn). The wireless nation [Review of the video, The Wireless Nation]. Journal of Radio Studies, 6 (2), 389-391.

Sims, J. (1999, Autumn). Radio history [Review of the video, Radio History]. Journal of Radio Studies, 6, (2) 385-389.

Sims, J. (1998, Winter). Radio industry. [Review of the video, Radio Industry]. Journal of Radio Studies, 5 (2), 131-134.

Sims, J. (1998, February). Talk, talk, talk: Opinion or fact? [Review of the video, Talk, Talk, Talk: Opinion or Fact?]. Journal of Radio
, 5 (1), pp. 158-160.

Sims, J. (1998, Summer). Radio industry. [Review of the video, Radio Industry]. Feedback, 39 (3), 52.

Sims, J. (1997, Winter). Talk, talk, talk: Opinion or fact? [Review of the video, Talk, Talk, Talk: Opinion or Fact?]. Journalism History, 22
(4), 173. 

Sims, J. The college radio handbook. [Review of Brant, B. G.(1981). The college radio handbook]. Blue Ridge Summit, PA: Tab. In (April, 1982). Communication Education, 31 (2), 175.

Edited Book
Sims, J. & Reist, N. (Eds.) . (1982). Poems from the pocket. Arcata, CA: Humboldt State University Women's Center.


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