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Textuality and Culture

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English 210: Introduction to Texts

Dr. Jennifer Shaddock

Semester   Days and Times    Room  (Tentative course model.  Content may change.)

Textuality and Culture

Course Overview

Week 1

Day 1


Day 2





Day 3


Introduction and Introductions

Just what are "texts"?  And how do they relay meaning (or do they)?

Texts and Textuality

"A Letter to the Student," Robert Scholes, xiii Textbook (TB)

"Texts and People," (1 TB)

"Introduction to Ways of Reading," David Bartholomae (handout)

Bring your UWEC College Catalogue to class

"The Word Weavers/The World Makers," Neil Postman (handout)

Introduction to Handbook Assignment

Introduction to C'est Moi Assignment


  Textuality and Culture

Week 1
Day 4


"Rhetoric and Popular Culture," Barry Brummett, 3-17 Rhetoric in Popular Culture (RiPC)
Week 2

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3



Day 4


"Rhetoric and Popular Culture," (18-22 RiPC)

"Rhetoric and the Rhetorical Tradition," (33-67 RiPC)

Conclude with "Rhetoric and the Rhetorical Tradition"

"Texts as Sites of Struggle," (68-79 RiPC)

View: "The American Cinema: Hollywood Romantic Comedy"

Class Discussion applying Brummett to the documentary

Bring to class a couple of paragraphs describing a current film or TV show that takes a clear position on a contested issue in America


Week 3

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3


Brainstorming issues/questions for exam over textuality and culture material

Troubleshooting issues/concerns--Textuality and Culture Exam


Part 1: Concepts

Part 2: Essay Application

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