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Compiled by:  Sarah Schreck, Bjorn Lysne, Andy Grosvold, and Jake Ciolkosz

Garry and the Fall 2000 Geography 350: Soils students wish to thank the following people, organizations, and information sources for their interest and support of this project:  The Weber Family for graciously allowing us access to their land and the opportunity to tackle this incredibly valuable learning experience;  the Creaser family for keeping us informed about harvest status during that critical and busy time period; Student Assistants Nicole Kloehn and Jenny Meisel for their expertise in the lab and the field; the UWEC Office of University Research and Geography Department for additional funding; Sean Hartnett and Harry Jol, UWEC-Geography, for helping us with various computer, GIS, GPS, and cartographic applications; Evan Marshall for creating the fantastic site map; Nikki Wruck for creating the fabulous photographic essay; Corrie Neuens for linking all the pages; Becky Heriot for style "clean-up"; Tim Meyer, NRCS-Project Manager for locating the site for us, filling Garry in on the "lay of the land", and landowner liaison; Jane Hanson-Anklam (NRCS-Altoona, WI), Kent Syverson (UWEC Geology), and Doug Faulkner (UWEC Geography) for field consultation; Mary Jo Schabel, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Department of Geography-Soils and Physical Geography Laboratory for faithfully conducting our soil sample analyses.


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