Eight soil pits were hand-excavated in representative slope positions.  Pit locations were determined using a Trimble ProXR GPS.  Soil profiles were described using standard methods and nomenclature (Soil Survey Division Staff 1993, Schoeneberger and others 1998).  Soil profiles and the immediate surroundings were photographed.  Master horizons and vertical subdivisions thereto were sampled for analysis in the laboratory. 


Particle-size (fine Earth fraction) and organic carbon content analysis was conducted on all samples collected in the field (methods modified from Singer Janitsky 1986).  Sand fractions were analyzed at the full phi interval using a sonic sifter.  The silt and clay fraction was analyzed using the hydrometer method.  Organic carbon content was determined using the loss-on-Ignition method (~15 g/ sample, heated to 360°C for 4 hours).

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