· Dfb, humid, continental with warm summers.
· Mean daily temperature in January is 15.4 degrees Fahrenheit
· Mean daily temperature in July 74 degrees Fahrenheit
· Spring and Fall are commonly short and are periods of sharp temperature transitions. 
· Growing season is from May to September.
· Mean annual rainfall/ year is 30.20 inches
· Mean annual snowfall is 40.9 inches


Eau Claire County is characterized by a mosaic of vegetation communities known as the "Tension Zone".  The "Tension Zone" separates northern conifer and mixed conifer forests from southern prairie, oak savanna and hardwood forest.  Native vegetation of the study site reflects this diversity.  Northern forest components dominate the north-facing bedrock-controlled slope.  Scrub and prairie dominate in lower landscape positions.  Mr. Schofield reports the wooded portions of the study site were clear cut around the turn of the century, and select cut for hardwood trees occurred within the past decade. 

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