Garry  and the Geography 350:  Soils students MUST thank the following people, organizations, and information sources:  Tom Schofield and His family for graciously allowing us access to their land and the opportunity to tackle this incredibly valuable learning experience;  Delbert Thomas, NRCS, for the Soil Survey of Eau Claire County; Jane Hansen-Anklam, NRCS-Altoona office, for hooking us up with the Schofield family, providing the aerial photograph used in the proximity and site maps, and additional moral support; Tim Morrell, UWEC-Geology, for his excellent work as chauffer, lab and field assistant, morale officer, and snake wrangler;  Phil Holman, Chippewa Valley Technical College - Agricultural Science Professor, for field consultation and moral support; Rick Mickelson, UWEC-Media Development Center, for field photography; Jim Knox and his graduate students, UW-Madison Geography, for particle-size analysis software; UWEC Office of University Research and Geography Department for additional funding; Sean Hartnett, Harry Jol, Brady Foust, UWEC-Geography, for helping us with various computer, GIS, GPS, and cartographic applications; Gordy Smith for putting up with us and letting us into various labs at all hours of the night; Rick Richmond, UWEC-CNS for sorting out the W: Drive and Mitch @ CNS for getting him there; Sarah Uvodich for chairing the "introduction" committee; the "introduction committee"; Jennifer Duran and Melissa Gray for the site proximity map (they thank the WDNR Database for the Eau Claire County basemap and Ray Sterner, Johns Hopkins University, for the Wisconsin State Relief Map; Marnie Lundgren and Katie Eberhart for the site map; Nicole Kloehn for Eau Claire climate information (she thanks Greg McCurdy,  Western Regional Climate Center, NWS for the graphs); Jason Belair for information on local vegetation (he thanks the WDNR Database); Sarah Uvodich for information on local parent material (she thanks WGNHS for the bedrock map) ; Rich Hager for local land-use information (he thanks the WDNR database);  Erich Zwicher for compiling historical information;  Dick Palm and the Geography Club for the coffee.   Garry thanks Val et al., and the "Ten Men of Tain". 

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