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Wisconsin Webfair Narrative Page

Name of School/College: University of Wisconsin Eau Claire

District: Department of Geography and Anthropology

City: Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Grade Level:  Seniors (Geography 550/ 350:  Soils)

Name of Sponsoring College Professor: Dr. Garry L. Running IV

Project Title: The Hartnett Site: A Case Study in Soils and Land Use

Authored by:  

  • Webmaster, Shawn P. Kyle, 

  • Instructor, Dr. Garry L. Running IV

  • and separate sections authored by Groups 1-8 composed of Geography 550/350:  Soils students, Fall semester, 2001

Project Contact Email: Runningl@uwec.edu; Kylesp@uwec.edu

Project URL: http://people.uwec.edu/runningl/350_2001/index.html

Narrative: http://people.uwec.edu/runningl/350_2001/Webfair.htm

The intended audience for this site is future UWEC Earth and Ecological Science undergraduate students, perspective employers of past students, and other interested members of the Eau Claire community.  The purpose of creating website is three-fold.  First, to present the results of collaborative research conducted by Geography 550/350: Soils students in a format that is accessible to a larger community of interested parties.  Web publishing format offers students a wider audience within which to showcase their work, than does the creation of the same report in more traditional media (i.e., a term paper).  Second, to introduce students with disparate science backgrounds to a real world experience where they help conduct and report the results of a large-scale team research project.  This project is similar to the kind of projects they will conduct as part of their careers in the Earth and Ecological Sciences.  Third, to provide student unfamiliar with web design software with a hands-on experience with web publishing.  This website represents the kind of quality work, dedicated, hard working UWEC undergraduate students working together are capable of.