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Photo Essay of the Hartnett Site

Picture of a once plowed field at the Hartnett Site

Photograph of a low landscape position on the site where soils best fit the Plainbo Series description.  The picture was taken from pit #8 toward the south east.  Pit #2 lies in the middle distance of this once plowed field.

A creek that runs through the site

This is a photograph of the creek running through the Hartnett Site, view to the north (upstream).  Soils that best fit the Morroco Series are present adjacent to the stream (see pit #4).   

Pit#1's location is marked by the orange fencing

A photograph of the intermediate terrace landscape position adjacent to the Wissota Terrace, view to the southwest.  The orange fencing surrounds pit #1.  

  Top of the Wissota terrace near pit #5

This photograph was taken from the top of the Wissota Terrace on the northwest part of the property, view to the southeast.  The Wissota Terrace on the southeast portion of the property is visible in the distance.  Pit #5 located on top of this terrace is located just behind the photographer.

Road leading to the Hartnett Site

This photograph shows the "main drag" into the Hartnett Site, view to the north.   Road access to the Hartnett site is from the northwest corner of the property, on the uplands portion of the site.  This view also shows the low-relief typical of the top of the Wissota Terrace.  Pit #5 is located in the formerly plowed field, middle distance, left edge of the photograph.  

Hill seperating the Wissota Terrace for lowlands of the site

This photograph, taken from about midslope, shows the steep slope that separates the upland (Wissota Terrace) portion of the site from the lowland portion, view to the northwest.  The steepness (~20%) and shape (straight, convex) of the slope separating the Wissota Terrace (above) and the lowlands of the Hartnett site is apparent in this view.  Pit # 6 is located in the slope shoulder position (the orange fencing is just visible in the center, background), pit # 7 is located in the midslope (to the left just off this photograph), and pit # 8 is located at the footslope (to the right just off this photograph).  This picture was  of the hill.  

In the distance lies the Wissota Terrace

This photograph also shows the steep slope separating upland from lowland portions of the site, view to the northwest from the pit # 2 location.  Pits #6 and 7 lie on the hill and pit #8 lies near the bottom of it. 

Group #8