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Future Study

We are able to make some land use recommendations.  However, we still do not have a complete picture of the site.  We recommend future investigators focus on providing details in four ways.  First, we have shown the importance of landscape position and slope with respect to soils and land use but this relationship needs more work.  A more detailed topographic map of the study area should be the first step in ANY future research at the site.  We recommend an accurate, detailed topographic survey of the site be conducted using GPS and Total Station technology available at UWEC. Second, the 8 pits we examined were clustered in the southwest corner of the 40-acre property.  A more comprehensive soil and land use study of the entire property will require many more pits more evenly distributed across the site.  Third, future studies should add more quantifiable supporting information in the form of laboratory data (e.g., particle-size, organic carbon content).  Fourth, soils are just one of many data sets that provide insight into good land use practices.  To develop a more holistic characterization of the site investigations of biota and hydrology will be necessary.