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About the tests:  Tests 1 and 2  will include short answer, essay, matching, and diagram sections.  Lecture, text, and information encountered in the field and laboratory will be included.  A study guide will be provided to help focus your preparation (see below).  Test 3 will include the course evaluation.  Note:  Evidence that you attended three approved science-related lectures outside of class during the semester is also required, each of which is worth 2 bonus points that will be added to your examination scores.  A lecture feedback form will be distributed during the final examination period. 

About the Laboratory:  Laboratory is scheduled in a four-hour block to allow us adequate time in the field (including travel time).  We will use the entire laboratory period during that part of the semester when labs focus on the field component.  As the semester progresses this time slot can and should be used to work on group projects and consult with me as needed.

The Laboratory grade is based on two components.  Your peers will grade your participation and contribution.  I will grade your participation and contribution.  You are also expected to participate in the preparation and presentation of your group's final contribution to the class report.  I will grade your group's project.  The other members of your group will evaluate your effort toward completion of the project.

The laboratory component of this course is the "meat".  Field trip experiences are integrated with lecture and active participation is critical to your success (and that of your laboratory partners).  As such, failure to complete any component of the laboratory will result in a failing grade for the course (i.e., unexcused absences from lab field trips).  Moreover, failure to receive a passing mark for the peer review section of the laboratory participation grade will result in a failing grade for the course.  It is unlikely that missed field trips can be made up or that missed laboratory meetings can be duplicated.  However, substitutions may be possible if scheduling problems or personal emergencies arise.  It is your responsibility to keep me apprised of such difficulties

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