Current Event Assignment Instructions

Assignment Objectives:
1. Provide an opportunity to explore an environmental issue or organization you find particularly interesting.
2. Help you identify the different viewpoints used to discuss/debate environmental issues.
3. Keep you informed about the wealth of environmental issues that receive media attention on a daily basis.

Assignment Instructions (5 total required):

Find an article linked to

Read the article and use the Current Events Form to prepare well-written, short, concise, essay accordingly (250 word maximum).  Enter your username and click on the submit button. 

Warning:  Complete the CURRENT EVENTS form.  No other format will be accepted.

Grading: 10 points

5 for completing the relevant questions 1-7
5 for coherent, thoughtful, university level discussion whilst completing question 8

In your short essay for #8 you must: identify the issue/ environmental problem; indicate whether you support or refute the article; identify and use an ethical, economic, ecological, or aesthetic argument that support/refute the article; adhere to the grammatical rules of standard English technical writing.

Due Dates:

Due dates are highlighted on the course calendar.  Please note that 5 current events assignments are possible.  No late current events assignments will be accepted.  One per due date.