Computer literacy:  Welcome to the future!  All class-related communication will be conducted electronically using email or the Web.  I will frequently provide information as email attachments.  I use an IBM-compatible system and UWEC standard software (current-most versions supported by LTS of Microsoft: Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, Excel, FrontPage, Internet Explorer, and Outlook).  Students must be capable of receiving, opening, modifying, attaching, and sending such files. 

"I don't know how to use UWEC Standard Software"

"I'm having problems with my computer" or 36-5711

You must know your UWEC Student ID#

You must know your UWEC Student Username

You must know your UWEC email address

Expectations:  I expect students to exhibit personal initiative and to ask questions.  "I didn't understand the instructions", is not much help.  I can't clarify ambiguities or solve scheduling problems unless you take the initiative and:  ASK questions, ASK for clarification, or INFORM me of scheduling conflicts, DEATH, or ILLNESS!  Take advantage of my office hours.  Send me questions via email.  Ask me questions in the hallways.  Ask me questions in class. 

Attending University is what you are doing for a living.  It is your job.  I expect students will conduct themselves in a professional manner.  Late assignments will not be accepted for points (but must be completed and turned in to receive a passing grade in the course).  Make-up tests will not be given.  However, exceptions are possible if you take the initiative and communicate with me in advance (or as early as possible).  Poor attendance is strongly reflected in student performance.  In-class assignments cannot be made up, even if you have an excused absence.  Sorry, that's the nature of the business.  These assignments are often unscheduled, spontaneous, one-of-a-kind, non-repeatable opportunities for participation points.  However, 4 missing in-class assignment "amnesties" per student per semester will be factored into the grading scheme.   

Academic misconduct:  I take a dim view of academic misconduct.  I pursue sanctions against cheaters vigorously.  Please review the literature on this subject supplied to you by the Dean of Students.  The penalty for academic misconduct is immediate failure of the course.  Remember, if you have any questions about whether or not something you plan to is considered academic misconduct, you have but to ask. 

Students with special needs:  If you have learning disabilities, require special testing arrangements, have difficulty with my office hours or have other scheduling difficulties, you must contact me as soon as possible "Any student who has a disability and is in need of classroom accommodations, please contact the instructor and the Services for Students with Disabilities Office in Old Library 2136 at the beginning of the semester." I will make arrangements as per department and college guidelines if, and only if, you have provided adequate warning.