Important Dates to Remember


Test Dates

Part 1 Test, F 3-3-06
Part 2 Test, M 4-10-06
Final Examination, F 5-19-06, 1:00-3:00 pm

Assignment Due Dates (by 5:00 PM on dates below)

Ecofootprint assignment, W 2-8-06 (assignment instructions will be emailed)

Garbology assignment,
M 4-3-06


Green Automobile (Dream Vehicle) assignment, F 4-28-06


Video and speaker reviews (due dates indicated in lecture schedule page):


  • view video or speaker in class (don't submit a review for something you didn't attend - that's cheating)

  • use a word processor and address the following:


  1. what was the name of the video or speaker?

  2. what was the subject of the video or speaker?

  3. what was the environmental debate? 

  4. what environmental perspectives were used to support a particular point of view?

  5. did you enjoy the video or speaker?  why or why not?

No more than 500 words.  Spell-check.  Write in standard university level English.  Print out and hand it in at the beginning of class on the due date.