Accessing Powerpoint Lecture Presentations

Note:  Powerpoint Lecture presentations are not available on-line. 


Powerpoint presentations from lecture are provided as .ppt files. These .ppt files can be accessed via the W: drive (cass1\deptdir\geog\running\178.001\NewLectures).  The newest, updated versions are only available AFTER they have been fully presented in class (However, older versions may be available before class-and often they're pretty close). 

To get to that subdirectory using a PC (if you're using a MAC, see CNS help desk at 36-5711) simply…

  1. Right click on the My Computer icon after you've logged in as normal.
  2. Select, Map a network drive.  In the dialog box labeled "drive" select a letter you currently are not using (W or T are considered standard).  In the dialog box labeled "path" highlight and select (if present) or type in


Click OK

Now, Go to START (lower left corner of the screen), select Programs, highlight WINDOWS EXPLORER

Scroll down and locate the W: drive (or whatever letter you designated it), highlight it, and work your way down the subdirectory chain to locate the folder


Double click on the "NewLectures" folder

Double click on the .ppt file appropriate to your study needs 

These files are big so don't save them to your H:drive.  Just view them from the W: drive.  If for some reason you deem it appropriate to print them out, conserve ink, paper, and power.  Choose print setup options that allow 6-9 slides per page, and pure black and white.

If you have no idea what any of the instructions on this page means, call the CNS Help Desk at 36-5711, or stop by OL 1108 and ask a BITS worker to assist you.  Both resources are more than capable of getting you up to speed ASAP.