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Sexual Offenders

Annotated Internet

Internet Address: http://www.ncsac.org/reading/htm

The National Council on Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity. (2000).

This site offers a list of resources that gives information on sexual addictions, offenders, ect. These resources are excellent for music therapists.

Internet Address: http://www.therapy-corner.com/

Loh, James. (1996). The Therapy Corner.

This website created by James Loh gives insight on sexual offenders and looks at ways of treatment. This is a useful source for music therapists.

Internet Address: http://www.icaap.org/iuicode?

Scheff, Thomas & Retzinger, Suzanne. (1997). Shame, Anger and the Social Bond: A Theory of Sexual Offenders and Treatment. Electronic Journal of Sociology: 3, 1.

This site deals with the male sexual offender and offers reasons why, and treatments for his problems. This is a helpful guide for music therapists dealing with male sexual offenders.

Internet Address: http://www.cs.utk.edu/~bartley/offender/treatingSO.html

Steen, Charlene, Ph.D., J.D. (1995). Treating the Denying Sex Offender.

This site gives information about the denying sexual offenders. This can help music therapists in terms of what strategies to use in treating a patient that is a sexual offender.

Internet Address: http://www.angelfire.com/mi/collateral/book.html

Rosenberg, Matthew D., MSW, CSW. & Pawluck, Debra, MSW, CSW.

This site discusses the assessment and treatment of sexual offenders and is a useful tool for music therapists.