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Hearing Impairments and Music Therapy

Internet Articles

by Jess Bruch - December 1999

TG- Teaching and Instruction Guides


Internet Address: http://www.educ.kent.edu/deafed/971118c.htm
TG 7. Linsenmeier, Carol. "The Mainstreaming of Children Who Are Deaf Into Public School Music Programs."

Internet Address: http://www.educ.kent.edu/defed/971114c.htm
TG 8. Linsenmeier, Carol. "The Role of Music Instruction in the Education of Children Who Are Deaf."

Internet Address: http://www.educ.kent.edu/deafed/971118b.htm
TG 9. Linsenmeier, Carol. "Methods Used in Music Instruction of Children Who Are Deaf."

GMT-General Music Therapy Applications


Internet Address: http://www.unitedthrumusic.com/Deaf.html
GMT 6. Jones, Lisa D. "Music Therapy With Deaf"

Internet Address: http://www.wsdeaf.wednet.edu/audiology/MusicLab.HTML
GMT 7. Brown, Micah and Cohen, Amy B. "Washington School for the Deaf Audiology Department - Music Lab"

Internet Address: http://www.deafworldweb.org/chat/q/Qmusic.html
GMT 8. Lapiak, Jolanta.

Internet Address: http://www.busboy_sped.ukans.edu/"music/resources/deaf/deaf_shtml

MV-Movement and Sign Language


Internet Address: http://www.users.zetnet.co.uk/suehaley/minm1.htm
MV 3. Haley, Sue. "Music in Motion"

RM-Uses of Rhythm


Internet Address: http://www.educ.kent.edu/deafed/971114b.htm
RM 4. Linsenmeier, Carol. "Musical Abilities of Children Who Are Deaf."

CI-Cochlear Implants


Internet Address: http://www.farlowmusictherapy.com/articles/cochlear/
CI 2. Farlow, Peggy. "Use of Music Therapy for Hearing-Impaired Children with Cochlear Implants."

PS-Personal Stories


Internet Address: http://pathfinder.com/people/960325/features/glennie.html
PS 1. Neill, Michael and Stein, Ellin. "Sounds of Silence"

Internet Address: http://dww.deafworldweb.org/chat/q/Qmusic.html

Internet Address: http://www.idg.net/crd_hearing_80643.html