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Compiled by Korinne Palluconi  - December 1999

Internet Address: http://members.aol.com/kathysl/elderly.html

This article described characteristics of elderly clients who may be candidates for music therapy. These characteristics include distractibility, speech difficulties, poor gross/fine motor skills, poor attitude, memory difficulties, and physical/physiological limitations. Goals include behavior management, decreasing isolation, facilitating communication, improving self-esteem, and maintaining/improving motor skills. The site also describes the activity of song writing as a methodology to target. /RL

Internet Address: http://www.globalideasbank.org/1993/1993-199.HTML

The site addresses how forming drum circles among the elderly can bring an immediate reduction in feelings of loneliness and isolation. Organizers of the Rhythm for Life Project sent teams of music therapists and professional drummers into nursing homes, hospital, and senior centers. The site discusses exploring the benefits of drumming for people with severe neurological disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's. The author reflects that in normal neurological functioning there is an intrinsic rhythm. External rhythms may benefit the person with a deficit by supplementing the area of loss. /R/GE

Internet Address: http://www.caregiver.on.ca/cgcihidmmt.html

This web site discusses how music therapy may be used on an individual basis and explains how to choose music to evoke responses in individuals. The best results can be seen with music that was popular in the “prime” of the individual's life. It also describes therapy specific to Parkinson's disease and refers to Michael Thaut's neurological study using rhythm. /R

Internet Address: http://www.sai-national.org/phil/philther.html

“The Music Therapy Project” began after World War II when gifts such as tape recorders, record players, clinic organs, portable pianos, autoharps, and other small instruments were given to Veterans' hospitals. This project has continued throughout the years to help in healing, rehabilitation and enrichment through music. Some additional activities include caroling or singing at nursing homes, and transposing music to sing for the elderly. /TE/ML

Internet Address: http://www.brookdale.edu/html/sings_to_brookdale_seniors.html

The content of this site was a newspaper article that described how a local attorney used music as therapy for patients as an alternative to conventional medical approaches. Several times a month he and other singers and musicians perform for patients and include the patients in performing. The attorney began this therapy after researching how listening regularly to pleasing music can improve mood and ease anxiety and depression. /GE