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Alexander Technique

Concept         Discography

Jail         Dementia Unit        Other

Session plans for juveniles

Critiques of session plans for juveniles

Parallel areas of stress

Uses of Imagery with Movement

Buckets; Different walks; Doors

Think before you do; Look before you leap

Pause, Wait, Stop – Decisions

Weight lifting; Tightrope walking

Responsibility and Inhibition

Hook up and breathing

Space: Width, Length, Volume


Carpet Squares as props

10 % less

Head is Not Face; Head-Neck; Head Leads – Body Follows

Floating Balloon Heads; Masks; Watch out for your Back

Working options: Sitting, Standing, Lying

Emotional, Mental, Muscular

                        Link of movement with emotion

Monkey; Staying in your Back; Everybody Yelling at You;

Protecting Turf; Not Biting the Bait

Meet, Resist, Yield

Mime: Passing Stick; Picking Apples; Changing Light Bulbs;

                                      Painting Ceiling; Invisible Yo-Yos

Relaxation/Tension continuum of responses

Rehearsal = Repetition

Social Space: Circles, Lines, Partners, Spirals


Scarves as props


Games: jail inmates, guards, P.O.s, family

Theatre games: Sentimental Journey, Preparation to be a Witness

Carving; Spoking; Spiraling

How to Practice; What to Practice

Constructive Rest