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Childbirth-Goals and Methodologies

Problem Areas for Clients

  • Dwelling on the pain
  • Anxiety
  • Atmosphere in the delivery room
  • Difficulties with breathing
  • Feeling not in control

Music therapy goals for targeting these problem areas

  • Pain reduction / decrease in pain perception
  • Focus attention to something other than pain
  • Relaxation
  • Develop breathing techniques that will work with pain rather than against it
  • Meditation
  • Positive attitude
  • Give laboring mother control of situation
  • Help support the father or coach and increase participation during labor

Music Therapy methods used for treatment

  • Different songs for between contractions
  • Using music as a focal point during labor
  • Entraining breathing to tempo of music
  • Shutting out distracting sounds to provide a better atmosphere
  • Singing songs that give a positive outlook on labor
  • Letting the mother-to-be choose the songs and decide when they are to be played