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Songs Targeting Anger Styles

These Descriptions of Anger have been adapted from the book Letting Go of Anger: The 10 Most Common Anger Styles and What To Do About Them and Angry All The Time - An Emergency Guide to Anger Control by Ron Potter-Efron, M.S.W. and Pat Potter-Efron, M.S.

Some songs listed below may fall under more than one Anger Style category.

Healthy Anger N/A
Anger Avoidance


Tear Down the Walls
The Wall - Pink Floyd
This Masquerade
Sneaky Anger Alien Blueprint
Chains of Clay - Gary Chapman
Draw the Line – Mark Gersmehl and Billy Smiley
Old Man’s Rubble – Amy Grant
Too Late
Paranoid Anger My Secret Heart – Bob Bennett (Bright Avenue’s Songs)
Something's Coming - From West Side Story
Explosive Anger Total Eclipse of the Heart
Shame-based Anger All I Must Do – Brown Bannister and Michael Blanton
Always Something There To Remind Me
Broken and Spilled Out – Gloria Gaither and Bill George
Casey at the Bat - Ernest L. Thayer
Come Home
Dear God - Elton John
Desperado - The Eagles
Free - Tulani Kinard
Grand Facade
I Don't Live There Anymore - Tom Hemby and Ron Hemby

I Fall to Pieces - Patsy Cline

If I Could Turn Back Time - Cher
In My Life - Lennon and McCartney
In the Middle of it All - Pam Thum, Joel Lindsey and Regie Hamm
This Is Me - Faith Hill
Place In This World - Michael W. Smith
Rachel Racinda
Shine - Hero Time
Stubborn Love – Amy Grant, Gary Chapman and Sloan Tower
The Touch of the Master's Hand
The Warrior is a Child - Twila Paris
When God Ran - Benny Hester
You Learn - Alanis Morissette
Deliberate Anger Anything But Down - Cheryl Crow
Draw the Line - Mark Gersmehl and Billy Smiley
Fearless Love - David Wilcox
Freebird - rewritten lyrics by Lee Anna Rasar
Keeper of My Heart
Spread Love - M. Kibble, C. McKnight, M. Warren
The Gambler - Kenny Rogers
There is a Line
Addictive Anger I Fall To Pieces - Patsy Cline
I Shall Be Released - Bob Dylan
Remember My Chains - Bruce
Remember Your Chains - Steven Curtis Chapman
Rhinestone Cowboy
Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)
That's Why I'm Here - Kenny Chesney
Total Eclipse of the Heart
Habitual Anger
Boy on a String - Jars of Clay
Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
Old Man's Rubble - Amy Grant
Painting Pictures of Egypt - Sara Groves
Wise Up - Amy Grant
Moral Anger Prince of Darkness
Hate Free
The Heart of the Matter - Mike Campbell, Don Henley, Danny Kortchmar
The Refiner’s Fire
Total Eclipse of the Heart


Additional Anger -Categories not affiliated with Ron and Pat Potter-Efron's categories

Song and Artist
Antidotes for Anger/Healing for Anger * Change My Heart Oh God
Come in From the Rain - Diana Ross
Go Down, Moses
Goodbye... Hello - Pam Thum and Dennis Matkosky
Got to Let it Go - Gary Chapman, Amy Grant, Brown Bannister, Shane Keister, Michael W. Smith
Have Your Own Way, Lord
Help Me Be New
Hero - Mariah Carey
How Good Is It
I L-O-V-E U - Mervin Warren and Mark Kibble
I Shall Be Released - Bob Dylan
I Surrender All
Little Drummer Boy
Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
Spread Love - M. Kibble, C. McKnight, M. Warren
Stand - Lorraine Ferro, Tanya Leah, Joanne Sonderling
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
The Touch of the Master's Hand
The Warrior is a Child - Twila Paris
There is a Line
When God Ran - Benny Hester
When You Come Home - Mark Schultz
Situational Anger ** Casey at the Bat - Ernest L. Thayer
Lighthouse - Audio Adreniline
Negro Spirituals/Signal Songs + Go Down, Moses
Wade in the Water - click for lyrics and history of song
Perspectives/Changes ++ Though Didst Leave Thy Throne
Hero - Mariah Carey
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
You and I - Elaine Popovich

* Antidotes for Anger/Healing for Anger provide a perspective of support so the person is able to see anger triggers and responses form a different perspective. As the support leads to strengthening a person's emotional status, the impact of the anger itself is lessened.

** Situational Anger is when anger is directed toward yourself due to your own failures.

+ Negro Spirituals/Signal Songs were created by blacks prior to the time of the Civil War. At this time the blacks had no political hope for freedom on this earth. Within that context, they poured out their feelings to God through song. It is really interesting to see how their honest uninhibited expression of emotions through song expressed directly to God actually served to support them and provided a structure that played a key role in their passage on the Underground Railroad and ultimate acquisition of freedom. These signal songs were songs with double meanings used by the slaves. In these songs the lyrics had one meaning that was clearly understandable. However, the double meaning of the lyrics known to the slaves served to signal the slaves about pursuit or a way to escape on the Underground Railroad.

Perspectives/Changes ++ These songs may be used to help people evaluate different ideas from different perspectives and possibily serve as a catalyst to help people change their perspectives.


9/11/02 - Song Title Artists
Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue Toby Keith
What's Going On? Aaron Lewis
Alicia Keys
Backstreet Boys
Britney Spears
Christina Aguilera
Gewn Stefani
Ja Rule
Jermaine Dupri
Mary J. Blige
Michael Stipe
Nelly Fertado
Noya Gaye
P Diddy
Savage Garden
Where Were You Alan Jackson
911 Kirk Franklin
Calmer of the Storm Jason Germain and Marc Martel
Sometimes He Calms the Storm Tony Wood and Kevin Strokes
Lighthouse Celeste A. Behnke
So Much Trouble in the World Bob Marley