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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

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Compiled by Shannon McMahon

Internet Address: http://www.tenn.com/anet/anet.htm

"Leaping Into the Classroom."

This internet site is an ad for a multi-sensory interactive learning program for children with ADD or ADHD. The program contains many song lessons and gives examples of some of them on the web page.

Internet Address: http://www.libraries.wayne.edu/shiffman/altmed/therapy/stu_music.htm

"Studies on Alternative Medicine: Music Therapy."

This site lists many references that can be used in music therapy. It contains references that deal specifically with attention deficit disorder.

Compiled by Brad Nadeau - December 7, 1999


Internet Address: http://www.libraries.wayne.edu/shiffman/altmed/therapy/stu_music.htm

ADHD Owner's Manual
Neil Alex M.D.
This site lets you select information on a variety of related topics, including: definitions, who gets ADHD, adults with ADHD, medication, and tips for the teacher. These tips for the teacher would be useful for Music Therapists to review and keep for their records.

Internet Address: http://www.caer.com/

A path to success
Lawrence Weathers
This site offers information on ADHD, along with some actual stories about specific ADHD case studies. It describes myths associated with ADHD patients. It also describes “do it yourself therapy” where tips are given for non-professional therapists. This information could help Music Therapists determine how to approach treatment plans and examine activities used by other therapists to evaluate what was successful and what was not.

Internet Address: http://www.addclinic.com/adderall.html

This site describes the medication used to treat ADHD patients. It reports there is no convincing evidence that behavioral or cognitive treatment interventions yield better effects and benefits than medication does for ADHD; a very complex NIMH research project is currently addressing these issues. This site could be useful for Music Therapists to use to decide if medication and / or treatment is best.

Internet Address: http://www.christianadhd.com/alt.html

Christian ADHD – Alternative treatment list
ADHD of the Christian kind (copyrighted by)
This site offers membership for parents who have decided not to use medication in the treatment of their ADHD children. It discusses topics such as: diagnosis, nutritional supplements, diets, discipline, chores, etc. Music Therapists could research new ideas for activity and structure when working with clients.

Internet Address: http://www.addhelp.com/home.html

ADD/ADHD – solutions for teachers and parents with ADD/ADHD children.
Grad L. Flick
This site explores many topics including how to choose the best consequences to reinforce good behaviors, how to remove or decrease problem behaviors, and how to address homework problems. If a Music Therapist is having trouble with a client not demonstrating good behavior, it may be due to not reinforcing good behavior in the correct way. This site will be helpful to explore how to do that.

Compiled by Katie Opartny - October 29, 1998


Internet Address: http://www.nimh.nih.gov/publicat/adhd.htm

"Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"
This site addresses questions surrounding ADHD, including a complete understanding of the disorder, its symptoms, and its causes. It offers insight into available treatments and different educational options. Also, it contains updated research and other sources of information and support. This site would be helpful in music therapy to help determine goals for a ADHD client.

Internet Address: http://www.add.org/gp98.htm

"Guiding Principles for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder"This site is presented by the National Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA). It addresses some contemporary issues surrounding the misdiagnosis and treatment of ADHD. The ADDA identifies some components involved in the assessment and treatment of ADHD through these guiding principles. This is helpful to the music therapist because it helps them to evaluate and treat the whole person.

Internet Address: http://www.musictherapy.org/index.html

This site is the homepage for the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). It contains information about the field of music therapy and the effects of music therapy on different client populations. It includes links to articles and information about the effects of music therapy on ADHD patients and helpful treatment methods.

Internet Address: http://www.home.att.net/ bkbrunk/

"Prelude Music Therapy"
This site includes general knowledge about the practice of music therapy. It describes music therapy in public schools, in a medical setting, and in a therapeutic setting. Also, it has updated tips for music therapists in the field available for use in musical activities. The site has related informational links and has books and tapes available designed for children with special needs.

Internet Address: http://www.ns.net/users/BrandiV/index.htm

"ADHD – Taking Control Through Knowledge"
his site contains specific information encompassing ADHD. It includes such information as a description of the misconceptions of past and current theories about ADHD, the possibility of misdiagnosis, and alternatives to drugs to treat ADHD children. This site would be helpful for the application of music therapy in an educational setting.