p. 265

Individuals who are multiply disabled or multiply handicapped have _________________________________________________

that ____________________________________________.


Severe disabilities impair an individual's ability to function to such an extent that the individual needs _______________________________________________.

Other terms or labels frequently used to describe these individuals include:





p. 265-266

Outline the section on Common Characteristics, Problems, and Needs.










p. 267

What is IDEA?




What does IDEA assure?



Of what significance is PL 100-407 to music therapists?




Of what significance is PL 99-457 to music therapists?




What is an IEP?



IEPs set _________________________________ goals that reflect the individual's specific ____________________________________________.

IEPs also provide for _____________________________________________,

__________________________________________________________, and



p.266 - 268

List every setting that is described in the section labeled Settings for Service Delivery.






p. 268

According to Pfeifer, every client has unique needs that can be addressed in music. The music links the therapeutic process. Music is not just entertainment; it is a means of ____________________________________________________________.


According to Pfeifer, list three things music therapists must do to work effectively with clients who have severe multiple disabilities:








p. 268-269

Outline the special challenges described in the section labeled General Approaches and Techniques and describe solutions/ways of dealing with these challenges.







p. 269 - 270

Outline the section on Therapeutic Music Experiences to Increase General Awareness and Responsiveness.










To establish contact and elicit initial responses from clients with severe multiple disabilities what three activities are suggested?








What music technology resources are useful?






p. 270 - 271

Outline content about  therapeutic music experiences to decrease self-stimulatory or self-abusive behaviors.















p. 271 - 272

Outline content about therapeutic music experiences to increase adaptive social responses and promote appropriate social interaction skills.










p. 272 - 273

Outline section on therapeutic Music Experiences to Improve Motor Functioning











p. 273 - 274

Outline section on Therapeutic Music Experiences to Facilitate Personal Expression.







p. 274 - 275

Outline section about Therapeutic Music Experiences to Develop Functional Academic and Life Skills.














p. 275 - 276

Outline the section on Special Considerations and Tips for Success.








According to Coleman, creative ________________ is the key with this population.