Chapter 4 - Dev. of Music Tx as Profession

p.33 - 38 - Outline the development of the music therapy profession as it evolved.


p. 38

Fill in the name of this organization: N_____________ A_______________for M____________________ T___________________

The purpose of NAMT was the progressive development of the use of music to accomplish ____________________________ and the advancement of___________________, ____________________, and ______________in the music therapy profession.


NAMT's quarterly research journal: _________________________________

NAMT's clinical journal: _________________________________________



Fill in the name of this organization:

A__________________ A_________________________ forM__________ T_____________________


AAMT's professional journal was: ___________________________


On Jan. 1, 1998 AAMT merged with NAMT to become:



What agency certifies music therapists?_______________________________________________________________________


What letters are used to show that a music therapist is board-certified?

p.41 - 43

Outline the types of settings where music therapists practice and describe their roles.

p.43 - 44

Describe the status of music therapy in other parts of the world.


According to your classroom lecture, what precipitated the development of music therapy as a profession in the United States?

time period:



doing what in presence of what:

improvement noted in two areas: