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 Featuring progressive music of protest, struggle, resistance, rebellion, revolt, and transformation, mixed together with selections of primarily classic post-punk and new wave as well as contemporary indie rock, indie pop, indie folk, indie folk rock, and indie folktronica, especially from Scotland and England.  

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Season One: July 21, 2005 to July 13, 2006, Shows #1 through #52

Season Two: July 20, 2006 to July 12, 2007, Shows #53 through #104

Season Three: July 19, 2007 through July 10, 2008, Shows #105 through #156

Season Four: July 17, 2008 through July 9, 2009, Shows #157 through #208

Season Five: July 16, 2009 through July 8, 2010, Shows #209 through #260

Season Six: July 15, 2010 through July 7, 2011, Shows #261 through #312

Season Seven: July 14, 2011 through July 12, 2012, Shows #313 through #365

Season Eight: July 19, 2012 through July 11, 2013, Shows #366 through #417

Season Nine: July 18, 2013 through July 10, 2014, Shows #418 through #469

Playlists, Season Ten,
Starting on Thursday July 17, 2014,
From Show #470 Onward Listed Below

July 17, 2014

Paul McCormack–“Crime of Passion”


Paul McCormack–“South Boston Ghetto”

Paul McCormack–“Days in Doolin”

Paul McCormack–“Hunted”

Paul McCormack–“Gringos”

Paul McCormack–“Louisiana Dove”

Paul McCormack–“Send the Rain”

Paul McCormack–“Foley”


Pop Scar–“Love and Colours”

Pop Scar–“Where Do They Go?”

Pop Scar–“Night Classes”

Pop Scar–“Who & What Matters?”

Pop Scar–“Miracle Pill”

Pop Star–“Ambulance Driver”


The Raglans–“Digging Holes”

The Raglans–“(Lady) Roll Back the Years”       

The Raglans–“Fake Blood”

The Raglans–“Before Tonight”

The Raglans–“Natives”

The Raglans–“Down”

The Raglans–“Born in Storms”   


The Gloaming–“Song 44"

The Gloaming–“Allstrum’s March”

The Gloaming–“Necklace of Wrens”
The Gloaming–“Opening Set”


The Gloaming–“Samradh Samradh”

July 24, 2014


The Amazing Snakeheads–“I’m a Vampire”


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Nighttime”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Swamp Song”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here It Comes Again”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Flatlining”

The Amazing Snakeheads–“Every Guy Wants to Be Her Baby”


Edwyn Collins–“Dilemna”

Edwyn Collins–“Baby Jean”

Edwyn Collins–“It’s a Reason”

Edwyn Collins–“Down the Line”

Edwyn Collins–“Forsooth”

Edwyn Collins–“In the Now”

Edwyn Collins–“Understated”


The Pastels–“Night Time Made Us”

The Pastels–“Check My Heart”

The Pastels–“After Image”

The Pastels–“Kicking Leaves”

The Pastels–“Slow Summits”   


Tom Vek–“How Am I Meant to Know”

Tom Vek–“Sherman (Animals in the Jungle)”

Tom Vek–“Broke”

Tom Vek–“Ton of Bricks”

Tom Vek–“You’ll Stay”


Edwyn Collins–“A Girl Like You”

July 31, 2014


Edwyn Collins–“Forsooth”


Remember Remember–“Le Mayo”

Remember Remember–“Magnets”

Tom Vek–“Broke”

Tom Vek–“The Tongue Avoids the Teeth”

Tom Vek–“Let’s Pray”

Tom Vek–“You’ll Stay”


Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“N4"

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“The Eternal”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“From Safety to Where”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“Autosuggestion”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“Heart and Soul”   

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“N4 Europop”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“24 Hours”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“Passover”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“The Eternal (Version 2)”

Joy Division (Martin Hannett’s Personal Mixes)–“N4 (Version 2)”


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here it Comes Again”

Joy Division–“Ceremony”

Joy Division–“A Means to an End”

Joy Division–“Shadowplay”

Joy Division–“Dead Souls”

August 7, 2014


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Here it Comes Again”


The Watchmakers–“Before Questions Came”

Sub Couple–“Sub Stomp”

Boy Genius–“White Rabbit”

Johnny 5th Wheel & the Cowards–“Where Did I Sleep Last Night?”

Turrentine Jones–“Delia May”

Echo Raptors–“Plastic People”

The New Fabian Society–“I No Longer Remain”

The 48ks–“Valentine’s Day”

Zvilnik–“The Weather in Berlin”

Phia–“At the End of the Day”


The Michael Ainsley Band–“Miss Most Mornings”

Yard Wars–“Haunted Stadiums”

St. Gregory Orange–“Vacancies”

Buen Chico–“Love’s Just a Feeling”

Jack Winn–“Feel Anything”       

Shake Your Halo Down–“Home It’s Not Your Heart”

Runaround Kids–“I Can’t Help Myself”

The Do’s–“Hard to See”

Clandestines–“You Fell You Fell You Fell”


Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly–“Snap”

Tuka Featuring Maples–“You and I”

Jun Tzu–“The Bridge”


King Porter Stomp–“The Shuffle”

Reverend and the Makers–“Noisy Neighbour”

The Libertines–“Can’t Stand Me Now”

The Minx–“Cold Outside”

Naymedici–“Paddy McGee”


The Amazing Snakeheads–“Flatlining”

August 14, 2014

John Carpenter–“Assault on Precinct 13 Main Title”



Gasp–“The Last of Summertime”

Melissa Czarnick–“Thunder Summer Storm”

The Dears–“Summer of Protest”

Ewan MacColl, Peggy Seeger, and Company–“Bring the Summer Home”

Miles Davis–“Summertime”

The Twilight Sad–“That Summer at Home I Had Become the Invisible Boy”

Iain Archer–“Summer Jets”

The Steals–“Summertime”

Screaming Maldini–“Summer, Somewhere”

Anna Domino–“Summer (Arthur Baker Remix)”

T Rex–“Deep Summer”


Sonic Boom & Spectrum–“Indian Summer”

Beat Happening–“Indian Summer”

Roscoe Vacant and the Gantin Screichs–“Indian Summer”


Máireach Breatnach–“Summer Haze (Aisling Full)”

The Durutti Column–“Sketch for Summer”

Mogwai–“Summer (Priority Version)”

Jad Fair and Daniel Johnston–“Summer Time”

Three Blind Wolves–“Slow Summer Dear”

Ten Kens–“Summer Camp”

Jimi Hendrix–“Lullaby for the Summer”

Blue Cheer–“Summertime Blues”


Bryan Adams–“Summer of 69"

August 21, 2014


Loki–“THE END”       

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Something to Believe In”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Cargill”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Largs”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Miserable Strangers”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Leaf Piece”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“For One Night Only”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Bluebell, Cockleshell, 123"

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“One Floor Down”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Crystal 8s”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“Pauper’s Dough”

Kenny Anderson (aka King Creosote)–“A Prairie Tale”


Arthur Johnston–“Scots Wha Hae”

Iain Anderson–“The Declaration of Arbroath”

The McCalmans–“The Lion Wallace Saw”

Alastair McDonald–“Stirling Brig”

Sylvia Barnes and Sandy Stanage–“The Lament of Wallace”

Alastair McDonald–“William Wallace”

Alasdair Fraser with Skyedance–“Bannockburn”

Iain Anderson–“The Spider’s Legend of Robert the Bruce”

Ian Bruce–“De Bruce, De Bruce”

George Archibald–“Bruce’s Address to His Captains Before Bannockburn”

Robin Laing–“Bruce at Bannockburn”

Sylvia Barnes and Sandy Stanage–“Field of Bannockburn”

Alex Hodgson–“Sword of Bannockburn”

The Corries–“The Black Douglas”

Alex Hodgson–“Bannockburn’s Over”

The Corries–“The Flower of Scotland”


Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas–“The Referendum”

Dick Gaughan–“Both Sides The Tweed”

The Proclaimers–“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)”

Led Zeppelin–“Whole Lotta Love”

Jefferson Airplane–“Somebody to Love”
August 28, 2014

The Last Internationale–“Workers of the World–Unite!”


The Last Internationale–“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Indian Blood”

The Last Internationale–“We Will Reign”

The Last Internationale–“Wanted Man”

The Last Internationale–“Killing Fields”

The Last Internationale–“Battlefield”

The Last Internationale–“Baby It’s You”

The Last Internationale–“Devil’s Dust”

The Last Internationale–“I’ll Be Alright”

The Last Internationale–“Fire”

The Last Internationale–“1968"


J-Walk–“Fuzzy Dunlop”

J-Walk–“Thinking Back”


J-Walk–“Electric Dancing Song”

J-Walk–“World Inaction”

J-Walk–“We’re Not Alone”

J-Walk–“Mexicali Hoodoo”

J-Walk–“Swinging Brick”

J-Walk–“Yesterday’s Crowd”

J-Walk–“Honey Trap”


Broken Records–“Ditty (We Weren’t Ready)”

Broken Records–“Winterless Sun”

Broken Records–“Toska”

Broken Records–“Weights & Pulleys”

Broken Records–“You’ll Be Lonely in a Little While”

Broken Records–“Nothing Doubtful”

Broken Records–“I Won’t Leave You in the Dark”


Ian McGregor and Scottish Pipe Band–“Amazing Grace”

September 4, 2014


The Proclaimers–“Cap in Hand”


Caman–“John MacLean’s March”

Mary Ann Kennedy and Scott MacMillan and Colin Grant and Arthur Cormack–“Failte don EIlean Sgiathanach”

Ewan McLennan–“A man’s a man for a that”

Emily Smith–“The Sowers’ Song”

Loki–“State of the Union”

Tommy Orr–“Let the Lion Roar”

Kathlenn MacInnes–“Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor”

Shooglenifty–“Glenfinnan Dawn”

Capercaillie–“At the Heart of it All”


J Duncan Beats–“Letter from America”


Eilidh Cormack and Calum Barker and Brian McAlpine and Jonny Hardie–“Scotland’s Welcome Table”

Stanley Odd-“Chase Yirsel”

The Proclaimers–“Scotland’s Story”

Allan Macdonald–“Saorsa - Freedom for All”

Jackie McGuckian and Matt Seattle–“Theme for the Early Days of a Better Nation”

Dick Gaughan–“Freedom Come All Yee”

Young Fathers–“Deadline”

Young Fathers–“Sister”

Young Fathers–“Rumbling”

Young Fathers–“Romance”

Young Fathers–“Fortunes”

Young Fathers–“Remains”

Young Fathers–“RRRamada”

Young Fathers–“Dar-Eh Dah Dah Du”


Young Fathers–“I Heard”

Young Fathers–“Come to Life”

Young Fathers–“Only Child”

Young Fathers–“Queen is Dead”

Young Fathers–“Bones”

Young Fathers–“Freefalling”

Young Fathers–“Mr. Martyr”

Young Fathers–“Way Down in the Ebony Hole”

September 11, 2014


World of Twist–“She’s a Rainbow”

The Raincoats–“Only Loved at Night”

New Order–“Ceremony”


Young Fathers–“Ebony Sky”

Young Fathers–“No Way”

Young Fathers–“Low”

Young Fathers–“Just Another Bullet”

Young Fathers–“War”

Young Fathers–“Get Up”

Young Fathers–“Dip”

Young Fathers–“Paying”

Young Fathers–“Mmmh Mmmh”

Young Fathers–“Hangman”

Young Fathers–“Am I Not Your Boy”

Young Fathers–“I’ve Arrived”


Orchestral Maneouvres in the Dark–“Electricity”

John Cooper Clarke–“Beasley Street”

New Order–“Everything’s Gone Green”


David Rovics–“Gaza”

David Rovics–“Occupation”

David Rovics–“Bubbling Up”

David Rovics–“What Do You Call It”

David Rovics–“They’re Building a Wall”

David Rovics–“Christmas Eve in Bethlehem”

David Rovics–“Vanunu”

David Rovics–“Palestine”

David Rovics–“The Death of Rachel Corrie”

David Rovics–“Song the Songbird Sings”

David Rovics–“Return”


Joy Division–“Transmission” 

September 18, 2014


Proclaimers–“Cap in Hand”


Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch), Movement 1: Adagio Cantabile”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch), Movement 2: Scherzo [Share-tzo]–Allegro; Adagio”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch), Movement 3: Andante sostenuto [sauce-ten-new-toe]”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Scottish Fantasy (Max Bruch), Movement 4: Finale (Allegro guerriero) [gwhere-ee-air-oh]”

Nicola Benedetti, the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Ae Fond Kiss (Robert Burns)”

Nicola Benedetti–“Auld Lang Syne (Robert Burns) Variations”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“My Love is Like a Red Red Rose (Robert Burns)”

Nicola Benedetti, Phil Cunningham, Tony Byrne, Éamon Doorley, and Ewen Vernal–“Hurricane (James Scott Skinner)”

Nicola Benedetti and Phil Cunningham–“The Dean Brig of Edinburgh (James Scott Skinner)” and “Banks Hornpipe (Traditional)”

Nicola Benedetti and Phil Cunningham–“Aberlady (Phil Cunningham)”

Nicola Benedetti, Phil Cunningham, Julie Fowlis, Duncan Chisholm, Tony Byrne,  Éamon Doorley, Michael McGoldrick, James McIntosh, and Ewen Vernal–“Mouth Music and Tunes Set (Traditional)–Including ‘Fionnghuala [Fenn–oo-laa]’s Bothy’, ‘The Appropriate Dipstick’, ‘Enjoy Your Shoes’, and ‘Hogties’ (Phil Cunningham and Iain MacDonald)”

Nicola Benedetti, Aly Bain, and Phil Cunningham–“The Gentle Light that Wakes Me (Phil Cunningham)”

Nicola Benedetti, Julie Fowlis, Phil Cunningham, Tony Byrne,  Éamon Doorley, and Ewen Vernal–“Coisich [caw-sheesh] a Rùin [roo-in] (Walk My Beloved)”

Nicola Benedetti and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra with Rory MacDonald–“Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond”


The Pipes and Drums of the Royal Tank Regiment–“Scotland the Brave”

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Military Band–“Amazing Grace”

The Band of the Scots Guards–“Flower of Scotland”

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Military Band–“The Dark Island”

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Military Band–“Campbeltown Loch”

The Band of the Scots Guards–“Highland Cathedral”

The Band of the Scots Guards–“Argyll Broadswords”

2nd Battalion Scots Guards–“March, Strathspey [strath-spay] and Reel: I. 74th Farewell to Edinburgh, II. Arniston Castle, III. The Sheepwife”

The King’s Own Scottish Borderers Military Band–“The Rowan Tree”


Dick Gaughan–“Both Sides the Tweed”

September 25, 2014


PAWS–“Sore Tummy”

PAWS–“Get Bent”

PAWS–“Erreur Humaine”

PAWS–“Owls Talons Clenching My Heart”

PAWS–“Give Up”

PAWS–“Great Bear”


PAWS–“War Cry”


Ceiling Demons–“Demons”

Ceiling Demons–“Every Step is Moving Me Up”

Ceiling Demons–“Amputated Spirit”

Ceiling Demons–“The Mirror’s Image”

Ceiling Demons–“The Dark Wood”

Ceiling Demons–“Follow the Compass”

Ceiling Demons–“Heartstrings”


Little Victories–“Rockin’ Rupert”

Little Victories–“Nation’s Stimulation”

Little Victories–“The Charm”

Little Victories–“Walking Circles”


Metronomy–“You Could Easily Have Me”

Metronomy–“This Could Be Beautiful (It Is)”

Metronomy–“On Dancefloors”

Remember Remember–“Why You Got a Blue Face?”

Remember Remember–“Purple Phase”

Remember Remember–“Frozen Frenzy”


PAWS–“Miss American Bookworm”

PAWS–“Poor Old Christopher Robin”

October 2, 2014


Ceiling Demons–“The Dark Wood”


Chris Butler–“Grandpa Still Hates the Tories”

Chris Butler–“The Seagull and the Skinhead”

Chris Butler–“Strike!”

Chris Butler–“The Worst Teeth in Showbiz”

Chris Butler–“The Times They Are a Short Changin’”

Chris Butler–“Let’s Misbehave”

Chris Butler–“Fitzwilliam”


Chris Butler–“The Uncollected”

Chris Butler–“Parliament Pays Tribute to Baroness Thatcher”

Chris Butler–“Drink Up (We’ll Have the Same Again)”

Chris Butler–“The Ballad of Dylan and Jack”

Chris Butler–“Dreaming”

Chris Butler–“Goodnight and Good Luck”

Chris Butler–“Ellie”


Honeyblood–“Fall Forever”


Honeyblood–“Killer Bangs”



Honeyblood–“Fortune Cookie”

Honeyblood–“All Dragged Up”

Honeyblood–“Braid Burn Valley”


Messiah J and the Expert–“Year of the Genie”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Megaphone Man”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Tomorrow is Too Late”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Jean is Planning an Escape”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Guess You Had to be There”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Geography”

Messiah J and the Expert–“Looking for a Long Term Thing”


Ceiling Demons–“Heartstrings”

October 9, 2014


Withered Hand–“Love in the Time of Ecstacy”


The Waterboys–“Old England”

Hot Chip–“Hand Me Down Your Love”

U.N.P.O.C.—“Come In”

Portishead–“The Rip”

Hanggai–“Xiger Xiger”

Meursault–“A Few Kind Words”

Okkervil River–“Down Down the Deep River”


Steve Mason–“Come to Me”

Cherry Ghost–“People Help the People”

Edwyn Collins–“Forsooth”

Trapped Mice–“Hermit Point”

Adam Stafford–“Please”

Boards of Canada–“Dayvan Cowboy”

Atlas Sound–“Angel is Broken”


Loki–“The Lazarus Pit”

Saint Max and the Fanatics–“Afraid of Love”

Department S–“Is Vic There?”

The Phantom Band–“Into the Corn”

The Pharmacists Band–“Merkinch Boy”

Deerhunter–“Dream Captain”

Josef K–“Its Kinda Funny”



The Beta Band–“Dry the Rain”   


The dBs–“Black and White”


Lizzie West and Baba Buffalo–“Protect the Light”

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