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Season One: July 21, 2005 to July 13, 2006, Shows #1 through #52

Season Two: July 20, 2006 to July 12, 2007, Shows #53 through #104

Season Three: July 19, 2007 through July 10, 2008, Shows #105 through #156

Season Four: July 17, 2008 through July 9, 2009, Shows #157 through #208

Season Five: July 16, 2009 through July 8, 2010, Shows #209 through #260

Season Six: July 15, 2010 through July 7, 2011, Shows #261 through #312

Season Seven: July 14, 2011 through July 12, 2012, Shows #313 through #365

Season Eight: July 19, 2012 through July 11, 2013, Shows #366 through #417

Season Nine: July 18, 2013 through July 10, 2014, Shows #418 through #469

Season Ten, July 17, 2014 through July 9, 2015, Shows #470 through #521

Season Eleven, July 16, 2015 through July 7, 2016, Shows #522 through #573

Playlists, Season Twelve,
Starting on Thursday July 14, 2016,
From Show #574 Onward Listed Below

July 14, 2016


Nina Simone–“Revolution”



Raime–“Dead Heat”

Raime–“Hold Your Line”

Raime–“Front Running”

Raime–“Dialing In, Falling Out”


Raime–“Cold Cain”



Laura Mvula–“Who I Am”

Laura Mvula–“Overcome”

Laura Mvula–“Bread”

Laura Mvula–“Lucky Man”

Laura Mvula–“Let Me Fall”

Laura Mvula–“Kiss My Feet”

Laura Mvula–“Show Me Love”

Laura Mvula–“Renaissance Moon”

Laura Mvula–“Angel”

Laura Mvula–“People”

Laura Mvula–“Nan”

Laura Mvula–“Phenomenal Woman”


Raime–“Passed Over Trail”

Raime–“The Last Foundry”

Raime–“Soil and Colts”

Raime–“Exist in the Repeat of Practice”

Raime–“The Walker in Blast and Bottle”


Nina Simone–“Strange Fruit (Interview)” and “Strange Fruit”
July 21, 2016


Alan Vega–“Every 1's a Winner”

Alan Vega–“American Dreamer”

Alan Vega–“Juke Box Baby”
Suicide–“Wrong Decisions”

Suicide–“Swearin’ to the Flag”

Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus–“American”

Revolutionary Corps of Teenage Jesus–“Who Cares Who Dies”



Suicide–“Rocket USA”

Suicide–“Harlem II”

Suicide–“Misery Train”

Suicide–“Do it Nice”

Suicide–“Mr. Ray”

Marc Hurtado and Alan Vega–“Fear”

Marc Hurtado, Alan Vega, and Lydia Lunch–“Prison Sacrifice”


Suicide–“Super Subway Comedian”

Suicide–“Speed Queen”

Suicide–“Frankie Teardrop”

Alan Vega–“Je T’Adore”

Suicide–“Be Bop Kid”


Suicide–“Dream Baby Dream”

Spacemen 3–“Suicide [Live]”

July 28, 2016


X-15 “Means to an End”


The Damned–“Help”

Silicon Teens–“Just Like Eddie”

Bauhaus–“Third Uncle”

Minor Threat–“Good Guys”

The Fall–“Victoria”

The Raincoats–“Lola”

The Vaselines–“You Think You’re a Man”


The Breeders–“Happiness is a Warm Gun”

Bongwater–“Everybody’s Talking”

Lush–“Love at First Sight”

Bjork–“It’s Oh So Quiet”

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds–“The Carnival is Over”

Thee Headcoates–“Swallow My Pride”

Armitage Shanks–“Are Friends Electric?”


Royal Trux–“Money for Nothing”

The Meat Purveyors–“Like a Virgin”

The White Stripes–“Jolene”

Beachwood Sparks–“By Your Side”

Melt-Banana, “We Will Rock You”

Low–“Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me”

The Chromatics–“Into the Black”


The Rogers Sisters–“Zig Zag Wanderer”

Jeffrey Lewis–“Big A, Little A”

The xx–“Teardrops”

Warpaint–“Ashes to Ashes”

The Dirtbombs–“Good Life”


Bruce Springsteen–“Dream Baby Dream”
August 4, 2016


David Bowie–“Hallo Spaceboy (Pet Shop Boys Remix)”


FFS–“Johnny Delusional”

FFS–“Call Girl”

FFS–“Dictator’s Son”

FFS–“Little Guy from the Suburbs”

FFS–“Police Encounters”

FFS–“Save Me from Myself”

FFS–“So Desu Ne”

FFS–“The Man Without a Tan”

FFS–“Things I Won’t Get”

FFS–“The Power Couple”

FFS–“Collaborations Don’t Work”

FFS–“Piss Off”


Anna Meredith–“Nautilus”

Anna Meredith–“Taken”

Anna Meredith–“Scrimshaw”

Anna Meredith–“Something Helpful”

Anna Meredith–“R-Type”

Anna Meredith–“Dowager”

Anna Meredith–“The Vapours”

Anna Meredith–“Honeyed Words”

Anna Meredith–“Last Rose”

Anna Meredith–“Shill”

Anna Meredith–“Blackfriars”


Suicide–“Into My Eyes”

Sonic Boom and Spectrum–“Rock ‘n Roll is Killing My Life”

Suicide–“Fast Money Music”

Spacemen 3–“Chè”
August 11, 2016


Anna Meredith–“Nautilus”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“A Song for Kylie Minogue”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“SQ 1"

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“Turn and Run”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“The Good Mind”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“It Points to the Clue”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“By the Way of Love and Hate”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“CTMF”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“A Glimpse of Another Time”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“When I Think About You”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“It’s Over (Again)”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“A Fallen Tree”

Wild Billy Childish & CTMF–“Cadillac (Featuring the Dear Watson Sound)”


The Band of Holy Joy–“The Land of Holy Joy”

The Band of Holy Joy–“Isn’t That Just the Life”

The Band of Holy Joy–“All the Girls Are Wearing Desert Boots of Pale and Subtle Shade”

The Band of Holy Joy–“Men Who Display a Different Kind of Pain”

The Band of Holy Joy–“Violent Drunken Strangers”

The Band of Holy Joy–“Discredited Art Form”

The Band of Holy Joy–“A Good Close Friend”

The Band of Holy Joy–“A Place Called Home”

The Band of Holy Joy–“I’m Crass Harry”


FFS–“Little Guy from the Suburbs”

Franz Ferdinand–“Fade Together”

Franz Ferdinand–“Take Me Out”

Franz Ferdinand–“Michael”

Franz Ferdinand–“The Fallen”

Franz Ferdinand–“Darts of Pleasure”

August 18, 2016


The Band of Holy Joy–“I’m Crass Harry”


Roy Moller–“Honey Berlin”

Roy Moller–“When I Paint My Mantlepiece”

Roy Moller–“Obelisk”

Roy Moller–“Edinburgh City Control”

Roy Moller–“Redpath”

Roy Moller–“Textbook, Textbook”

Roy Moller–“Street Oblique”

Roy Moller–“Where I am is Here”

Roy Moller–“A Glorious Sunset Mistaken for Dawn”

Roy Moller–“Vincent”

Roy Moller–“One Domino”


The Army of Redressers–“Welcome, Ned Ludd”

The Army of Redressers–“The Framework Knitters’ Lamentation”

The Army of Redressers–“Miseries of the Framework Knitters”

The Army of Redressers–“General Ludd’s Triumph”

The Army of Redressers–“Hunting the Loaf”

The Army of Redressers–“Brandreth’s Soliloquy in Prison”

The Army of Redressers–“The Patriot’s Hymn”

The Army of Redressers–“The Framework Knitters’ Petition”

The Army of Redressers–“The Hand Loom Weavers’ Lament”

The Army of Redressers–“Song of the Luddites”


Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Delicious Light”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Iron Age”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Creation”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Door to Tomorrow”


Roy Moller–“Names Out of the Hat”

Roy Moller–“I Would Hate for it not to be Amazing (Featuring Michael Pedersen)”

New Order–“Ceremony”

August 25, 2016


The Army of Redressers–“Brandreth’s Soliloquy in Prison”


Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Delicious Light”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Iron Age”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Creation”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Door to Tomorrow”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Diagram Girl”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Black Crow”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Tomorrow, Forever”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“The Soft Bounce”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Finally First”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Triumph”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Third Mynd”


Hector Bizerk–“The Fish That Never Swam”

Hector Bizerk–“Everybody Laughed”

Hector Bizerk–“Rust Cohle”

Hector Bizerk–“Little Man Says”

Hector Bizerk–“Festival Boy”

Hector Bizerk–“Empty Jackets”

Hector Bizerk–“The Tree that Never Grew”

Hector Bizerk–“Skin and Bone”

Hector Bizerk–“The Bigger Picture”

Hector Bizerk–“To Be Honest I Lied”

Hector Bizerk–“Obvious Mundane Apocalypse”

Hector Bizerk–“BT Phone Home”


Roy Moller–“One Domino”

Joy Division–“Transmission”

New Order–“Everything’s Gone Green”
September 1, 2016


Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Iron Age”



18+–“Wet Blunt”








Laurie Cameron–“Foreign”

Laurie Cameron–“The Girl Who Cried for The Boy Who Cried Wolf”

Laurie Cameron–“Leave Us, Leave Us”

Laurie Cameron–“Fare Foreward”

Laurie Cameron–“The Slave’s Lament”

Laurie Cameron–“Thomson”
Laurie Cameron–“The Last Projectionist”


Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Space”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Words”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“The Fifth Note”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Let it Shine”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“You Will Always Find Alice in the Kitchen at Parties”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“A House is Not Motel”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“The Perfumed Garden”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Desire for Fire”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Page 79"

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“See People”


Hector Bizerk–“The Tree that Never Grew”

Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“You Can Talk to Me”

Laurie Cameron–“Beyond the Brink”

Radiohead–“Video Killed the Radio Star”

September 8, 2016


Laurie Cameron–“The Girl Who Cried for the Boy Who Cried Wolf”


Weird Dreams–“Binary”

Weird Dreams–“The Ladder”

Weird Dreams–“Neon Erotic”

Weird Dreams–“Fantasy Building”

Weird Dreams–“Digital Water”

Weird Dreams–“Calm”


Death and Vanilla–“Rituals”

Death and Vanilla–“Dreams of Sheep”

Death and Vanilla–“Cul-De-Sac”

Death and Vanilla–“Somnambulists”

Death and Vanilla–“The Clearing”

Death and Vanilla–“The Unseeing I”


Minor Victories–“A Hundred Ropes”

Minor Victories–“Breaking My Light”

Minor Victories–“Scattered Ashes (Song for Richard)”

Minor Victories–“Folk Arp”

Minor Victories–“For You Always”

Minor Victories–“Higher Hopes”


Beyond the Wizards Sleeve–“Let it Shine”

East India Youth–“Hearts That Matter”

East India Youth–“Looking for Someone”

East India Youth–“The Juddering”

East India Youth–“End Result”

September 15, 2016


Death and Vanilla–“Somnambulists”


RM Hubbert Featuring Anneliese Mackintosh–“The Dinosaur Where We Fell in Love”

RM Hubbert Featuring Anneke Kampman–“Self Portrait in a Convex Mirror”

RM Hubbert Featuring Rachel Grimes–“In Accordia”

RM Hubbert Featuring Kathryn Williams–“I Can Hold You Back”

RM Hubbert Featuring Marnie–“Sweet Dreams”

RM Hubbert Featuring Kathryn Joseph–“The Dog”

RM Hubbert Featuring Martha Ffion–“The Unravelling’

RM Hubbert Featuring Sarah J Stanley–“Probably Will/Probably Do”

RM Hubbert Featuring Aby Vullaimy–“KAS”

RM Hubbert Featuring Karine Polwart–“Yew Tree”

RM Hubbert Featuring Eleanor Friedberger–“Chelsea Midnight”


James King and the Lonewolves–“Fun Patrol”

James King and the Lonewolves–“Over the Side”

James King and the Lonewolves–“Fly Away”

James King and the Lonewolves–“While I Can”

James King and the Lonewolves–“Texas Lullaby”

James King and the Lonewolves–“A Step Away from Home”


Rick Redbeard–“Wild Young Country”

Rick Redbeard–“In My Wake”

Rick Redbeard–“The Golden Age”

Rick Redbeard–“The Night is All Yours”

Rick Redbeard–“Get Blood (Friendly)”

Rick Redbeard–“What Fine People”


Minor Victories Featuring Mark Kozelek–“For You Always”

The Undertones–“Teenage Kicks”

James King and the Lonewolves–“While I Can”

September 22, 2016


Death and Vanilla–“Somnambulists”


Reely Jiggered–“Warrior”

Reely Jiggered–“Parting Glass”

Reely Jiggered–“Diablo in Kilarrow”

Reely Jiggered–“Cuban Brenda Cutting the Bracken”

Reely Jiggered–“La Llorona”

Reely Jiggered–“Folk Police”
Reely Jiggered–“Kaleidoscope”

Reely Jiggered–“Scarborough Fair”

Reely Jiggered–“Clumsy Lover”


Factory Floor–“Meet Me at the End”

Factory Floor–“Relay”

Factory Floor–“Slow Listen”

Factory Floor–“25 25"

Factory Floor–“Dial Me In”

Factory Floor–“Wave”

Factory Floor–“Ya”

Factory Floor–“Upper Left”


James King and the Lonewolves–“While I Can”
Rick Redbeard–“The Night is All Ours”

RM Hubbert Featuring Kathryn Joseph–“The Dog”

Rick Redbeard–“Get Blood (Friendly)”

RM Hubbert Featuring Anneliese Mackintosh–“The Dinosaur Where We Fell in Love”

Wilco–“Radio Cure (Live)”

September 29, 2016




Carla dal Forno–“Fast Moving Cars”

Jac Berrocal, David Fenech, and Vincent Epplay–“Solaris”

Raime–“Dead Heat”

Tropic of Cancer–“Stop Suffering”

Tomorrow the Rain Will Fall Upwards–“Ghost from the Coast”


Bremen–“Sick City”

Secret Boyfriend–“Paean Delle Palme”

Fingers–“Mum’s Caress After Trip”

Six Six Seconds–“Tearing Down Heaven”

Regis–“Blinding Horses (Stableboy Version)”

Rat Columns–“Fooling Around (Long Version)”



Tarquin Manek–“The Hamburg Scheme”

Jane Arden–“Figures in White”

Barnett and Coloccia–“AM Horizon”

Dalhous–“Lines to Border”

500 Stamps–“Relics of Victory”


RM Hubbert Featuring Kathryn Joseph–“The Dog”

New Order–“Stray Dog”

Fuck Buttons–“Year of the Dog”

Keser–“Acts of Dog”

Burial–“Dog Shelter”

Laurie Anderson–“Walk the Dog”

The Associates–“Even Dogs in the Wild”

David Bowie–“Diamond Dogs”

October 6, 2016


King Creosote–“You Just Want”


King Creosote–“Melin Wynt”

King Creosote–“Wake Up to This”

King Creosote–“Faux Call”

King Creosote–“Betelguese”

King Creosote–“Love Life”

King Creosote–“Peter Rabbit Tea”

King Creosote–“Surface”

King Creosote–“Rules of Engagement”


David Bowie–“Space Oddity”

Ballboy–“A Day in Space”

Fuck Buttons–“Space Mountain”

Public Service Broadcasting–“The Race for Space”

Sun Ra–“We Travel the Spaceways”

Trapped Mice–“The Space Race”

K-X-P--“Space Precious Time’

Captain Jack–“Say Captain Say Wot (Space Dance Mix)”

A Flock of Seagulls–“Space Age Love Song (Australasia Remix)”

Lucid Dream–“Devil Rides Out (Time and Space Remix 12")

The Killers–“Spaceman”

John Cooper Clarke–“(I Married A) Monster from Outer Space”


The Apples in Stereo–“Floating in Space”


Laurie Anderson–“Language is a Virus from Outer Space”

October 13, 2016


King Creosote–“Melin Wynt”


Pictish Trail–“Far Gone (Don’t Leave”)

Pictish Trail–“Lionhead”

Pictish Trail–“Dead Connection”

Pictish Trail–“Rhombus”

Pictish Trail–“Half Life”

Pictish Trail–“Easy With Either”

Pictish Trail–“Who’s Comin’ In?”

Pictish Trail–“Until Now”

Pictish Trail–“Strange Sun”

Pictish Trail–“After Life”


Arab Strap–“The First Big Weekend”

Arab Strap–“Love Detective”

Arab Strap–“Cherubs”

Arab Strap–“(Afternoon) Soaps”

Arab Strap–“Here We Go”

Arab Strap–“Rocket, Take Your Turn”

Arab Strap–“The Clearing”


Arab Strap–“Don’t Ask Me to Dance”

Arab Strap–“The Shy Retirer”

Arab Strap–“Turbulence”


King Creosote–“The Long Fade”

October 20, 2016


Pictish Trail–“Who’s Comin’ In?”


Ex-Easter Island Head–“Four Guitars”

Ex-Easter Island Head–“Ten Bells”

Ex-Easter Island Head–“Two Coins”

Ex-Easter Island Head–“Sixteen Snares”

Ex-Easter Island Head–“Twenty-Two Strings”

Ex-Easter Island Head–“Eight Bridges”

Ex-Easter Island Head–“Six Sticks”


Arab Strap–“The New Saturday”

Arab Strap–“We Know Where You Live”

Arab Strap–“Where We’ve Left Our Love”

Arab Strap–“To All a Good Night”

Arab Strap–“Dead Air”

Arab Strap–“Daughters of Darkness”

Arab Strap–“I Still Miss You”

Arab Strap–“Toy Fights”

Arab Strap–“Blackness”

Arab Strap–“Mustard”


Ex-Easter Island Head–“Large Electric Ensemble Movement 1"

Ex-Easter Island Head–“Large Electric Ensemble Movement 2"


Pictish Trail–“Strange Sun”

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