Math 109-008 College Algebra Spring 2013

Instructor: Dr. Michael Penkava Office: 622 Hibbard
Phone: (715) 836-4970 email:
Class Time: 3:00-4:50pm TR Place: 309 Hibbard

Fax: (715) 836-2924
Web Page:

Text:  Essentials of College Algebra, by Lial, Hornsby and Schneider

Prerequisites: A passing grade in Math 020 or 2 years of college prep algebra and a suitable score on the Mathematics Placement Test. 

Course Outline: Chapters 2-4, with some material from chapter 1.

Grading: Grade based on daily quizzes, four exams, and a final exam. Attendance will be gauged by participation in the daily quizzes.
If you miss an exam, see me as soon as possible.

Method 1: Each exam 15%, Final Exam 20%, quizzes 20%.

Method 2: Best three exams 15% each, Final Exam 35%, quizzes 20%.

Office hours:  Office hours will be announced, but I will be happy to see
you by appointment as well.

Homework: Homework will be assigned every day, and will be the basis of daily quizzes. Students are encouraged to work together on the homework assignments.

Drop Deadlines: The university drop deadline (no record on your transcript) is February 4, but the math department has a drop down deadline of February 11 to drop down to a lower math course. On the other hand, if you think you might be able to move up to a higher course, please contact me before January 29, and we may be able to move you up. The deadline to withdraw from the course (with a w on the transcript) or from the university is April 8.

Liberal Education Learning Goals: This course will address the following liberal education learning goals:
UW Eau Claire students will develop a depth of knowledge about the natural world.
UW-Eau Claire students will develop and use critical thinking skills in academic and social contexts.
UW-Eau Claire students will effectively write, read, speak and listen in academic and social contexts.

Any student who has a disability and is in need of classroom accommodations, please contact the instructor and the Services for Students with Disabilities Office in Old Library 2136 at the beginning of the semester.

I consider any academic misconduct in this course as a serious offense, and I will pursue the strongest possible academic penalties for such behavior. The disciplinary procedures and penalties for academic misconduct are described in the UW-Eau Claire Student Services and Standards Handbook ( in the section titled, “Chapter UWS 14Student Academic Disciplinary Procedures.