CRMJ 301 - Presentation Schedule

As noted in the syllabus: "Each student will be responsible for presenting his or her paper to the rest of the class at the end of the semester. Presentations must be between 5 and 7 minutes in length, and should briefly summarize the theory but also focus on building on what was learned in class. That is, students should seek to further inform their colleagues by discussing attributes of the theory that were not directly covered in class. This may include data from recent empirical tests or reformulations and reconceptualizations of the theory. Material from these presentations may be included in the final exam. Students are encouraged to use any multimedia tools that will help to convey their messages (i.e., PowerPoint). The presentation will be assessed by the instructor with a maximum of twenty points available."


Section 001 (11:00-12:15)

Thursday 4/24
Jacobson, Jordan
Merritt, Austin
Aufderhar, Jorden
Karch, Emily
Donnelly, Robert
Weese, Elizabeth
Meier, Alexis
Szalkowski, Laurel

Tuesday, 4/29
Flowers, Alexandria
Kraetke, Mitchell
Machemehl, Connor
Sandberg, Justin
Martin, Steven
Cage, Isiah

Thursday, 5/1
Frye, Joseph
Johnson, Lauren
Barnes, Rachel
Olson, Tyler
Gutsmiedl, Carissa
Tiede, Jeffrey

Tuesday, 5/6
Handlos, Nicholas
Harrellson, Bradley
Paff, Wayne
Phillips, Jonathan
Poole, Christopher

Thursday, 5/8
Swanston, Aaron
Vang, Peter
Von Bank, Andrew
Besler, Abigail
Adams, Wesley

Section 002 (9:30-10:45)

Thursday 4/24
Becker, Kendra
Larson, Hanna
Retz, Miranda
Birdsill, Corey
Bottcher, Michael
Macejik, Cole
Aranda, Natali

Tuesday, 4/29
Kaufmann, Emily
Bowers, Hannah
Delaney, Patrick
Franson, Lauren
Kienast, Brandon
Koch, Evan
Davidson, Philip

Thursday, 5/1
Krueger, Beau
De La Barrera, Jose
Sonday, Amanda
Reich, Emily
Corbett, Kayeen
Evertz, Dalton

Tuesday, 5/6
Seyer, Shawn
Sheets, Abigail
Smith, David
Strange, Louisa
Niebauer, Nicole

Thursday, 5/8
Lau, Heidi
Kohnke, Kaitlin
Stephens, Emily
Erl, Olivia
Schimmel, William