Criminal Justice 301 - Paper Evaluation Form
The paper will evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:


Content: Quality and substance of the paper (Does the paper move beyond what was covered in class?)
Title Page (title of paper, author name, course name/section, date)
Abstract (100 word synopsis of the paper)
Introduction (map of the direction of the paper)
Review of the Theory (history, original formulation)
Empirical Tests of the Theory (how frequently has the theory been tested and what were the results?)
Strengths and Weaknesses of the Theory
(What is your take on this theory? What are the implications of the theory? Discussion of criteria of a good theory and whether this theory meets the expectations learned in class)
Conclusion (what is the consensus regarding this theory)

Organization: paper flows well and is easy to follow, readability
Form: grammar, spelling, margins, font, spacing, length, proper (APA) citation
References: quality, good representation of the available literature, primary sources
Total points available
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