CRMJ/SOC 103 – Survey of the Criminal Justice System
(tentative schedule – subject to change)
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Tuesday – 9/3 Introduction to class and syllabus None
Thursday  – 9/5 Crime and justice as public policy issues; Defining crime; Types of crimeThe crime problem today Chapter 1 

Tuesday – 9/10

Federal law enforcement/issues of justice – WACO

Autobiography Due

Thursday  – 9/12

Federal law enforcement/issues of justice – WACO



Tuesday – 9/17

Crime victimization; Causes of crime Chapter 2

Thursday  – 9/19

The goals of the criminal justice system
Criminal justice in a federal system
Operations of criminal justice agencies
Decision making in the CJ system
Crime and justice in a multicultural society

Chapter 3


Tuesday – 9/24

Foundations of criminal law
Substantive criminal law
Procedural criminal law
The Supreme Court today

Chapter 4

Thursday  – 9/26

  Exam 1 – Part I

Tuesday – 10/1

The development of police in the U.S.
Law enforcement agencies
Police functions; Organization of the police
Police policy; Police actions; Police and the community

Chapter 5

Thursday  – 10/3

Who are the police? The police subculture
Police response and action; Delivery of police services
Issues in patrolling

Chapter 6


Tuesday – 10/8

Police abuse of power; Civic accountability
Policing and new technology; Homeland security
Security management and private policing

Chapter 7
Current Issues Assignment Due

Thursday  – 10/10

Legal limitations on police investigations
Plain view doctrine; Warrantless searches
Questioning suspects; The exclusionary rule

Chapter 8


Tuesday – 10/15

  Exam 2 – Part II

Thursday  – 10/17

The structure of American courts
Effective management of the state courts
To be a judge
From arrest to trial or plea
Bail: pretrial release; Pretrial detention

Chapter 9


Tuesday – 10/22

The prosecutorial system
The defense attorney: image and reality

Chapter 10

Thursday  – 10/24

The courtroom: how it functions
Plea bargaining; Trial: the exceptional case; Appeals

Chapter 11


Tuesday – 11/29

Video: Murder on a Sunday Morning – Trial Process


Thursday  – 10/31

Video: Murder on a Sunday Morning – Trial Process



Tuesday – 11/5

The goals of punishment
Forms of the criminal sanction
The sentencing process

Chapter 12

Thursday  – 11/7

  Exam 3 – Part III

Tuesday – 11/2

Development of corrections
Organization of corrections in the U.S.
Jails: detention and short-term incarceration
The law of corrections; Correctional policy trends

Chapter 13

Thursday  – 11/14

Community corrections: assumptions
Probation: correction without incarceration
Intermediate sanctions in the community
The future of community corrections

Chapter 14


Tuesday – 11/19

The modern prison: legacy of the past
Goals of incarceration; Prison organization
Governing a society of captives
Correctional officers
Who is in prison? The convict world
Women in prison; Prison programs
Violence in prison; Prisoners’ rights

Chapter 15
Current Issues Assignment Due

Thursday  – 11/21

Prisoner reentry; Release and supervision
Release mechanisms
Parole supervision in the community
Future of prisoner reentry
Civil disabilities of ex-felons; Pardon

Chapter 16


Tuesday – 11/26


Exam 4 – Part IV

Thursday  – 11/28

NO CLASS – Thanksgiving Break  

Tuesday – 12/3

Youth crime in the United States
The development of juvenile justice
The juvenile justice system
Problems and perspectives

Chapter 17

Thursday  – 12/5

The Juvenile Justice Process



Tuesday – 12/10

The Juvenile Justice Process


Thursday  – 12/12

Catch up day; evaluations and review for final



Friday, 12/20, 1:00pm – Final Exam