Clear Vision
A Guide to the UW Regents Meeting

CJ 427: Advanced Reporting | University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire | October 5, 2001 | Volume 1, Number 2

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Out-of-state tuition rises 2.5 percent
Regents raised nonresident undergraduate tuition an additional 2.5 percent beginning next semester to comply with the 2001-03 budget bill. UW-Eau Claire out-of-state students will pay $126 more on their spring semester bills.

Faculty, staff resigned to reduced raise
Several UW System officials are relieved with the 3.2 percent and 4.2 percent pay increases recently approved for unclassified staff in the 2001-2003 biennium. Others are disappointed with the 1 percent cut for the first year.

NCA accreditation presented to board
Chancellor Donald Mash, courtesy of UWEC Web siteChancellor Donald Mash, left, presented the NCA accreditation report for UW-Eau Claire, which was completed in the spring of 2001, to the Education Committee of the Board of Regents.

Mash presents Marks of Excellence to regents
Chancellor Donald Mash highlighted Service-Learning and Study abroad during his presentation to the Board of Regents about UWEC's Marks of Excellence. The presentation left board members impressed, they said.

Regent gives travel tips to students
Regent Roger Axtell, courtesy of UW System Web siteRoger Axtell, right, showed students how American gestures, like the "thumbs up" sign, are offensive overseas. He also told humorous business stories to UWEC students, such as colliding noses with an Italian at an airport.

Concerns for diversity still remain
The Board of Regents listened three presentations related to retention rate and campus climate at the meeting Oct 4. They decided to talk about this issue throughout the year as a general and educational subject.

vertical rule
    UW President Katharine Lyall, center, and regents pay close attention to the proceedings at UW-Eau Claire. (Photo by Butch McCartney, The Spectator)

Results must show high-tech degrees
To effectively prepare students for high-paying jobs in high-tech areas, more funding was given to the UW System. Each campus must show the Legislature how it is using the additional money to reach its enrollment goals.

Education committee sees importance of faculty-student research Thursday
Faculty-student researchers took part in a presentation Thursday by the office of Academic Affairs, showing the value of the projects not only to students but to the state.

Guests, leaders  to mark UW System's
30th anniversary of merger, on Thursday

The University of Wisconsin System will celebrate the anniversary of the merger of the Wisconsin State University and the University of Wisconsin. UW-Eau Claire has not planned any kind of celebration yet.

Campus School first in facilities plan
Vice Chancellor Andrew Soll deemed the Campus School renovation the university's most important facilities planning issue.  ďItís prime real estate," Soll said. "We canít afford to use it any way other than optimally." 

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