Hegemony Online Usage Tally

This table shows the raw tally of how the 137 respondents spent their 20 minutes online. Note from the bottom-right corner that they chose to spend about three-quarters of their time on the Web and one-quarter on e-mail.

Tally of Online Destinations Chosen by the Study Subjects
UseFreq.Avg. SecondsTotal SecondsTotal Minutes
Reading personal e-mail8616614,250237.59.1%
Writing personal e-mail4342918,440307.311.8%
Web chat or discussion31354056.80.3%
Reading e-mail sent by school or work211813,80363.42.4%
Writing e-mail for school or work327883513.90.5%
Web use for personal information17314521,804363.413.9%
Web: politics site615492415.40.6%
Web: school site10810711,504191.77.3%
Web use for school or work391445,61893.63.6%
Web: newspaper site15612719,080318.012.2%
Web: magazine site121892,27237.91.4%
Web: broadcaster's site331374,52575.42.9%
Web search site101949,525158.86.1%
Web navigation54784,20870.12.7%
Web: weather site51095449.10.3%
Web: sports site17411917,792296.511.4%
Web: soaps site101431,43023.80.9%
Web: horoscope site131301,69528.31.1%
Web use for fun241824,36472.72.8%
Reading commercial e-mail91301,17119.50.7%
Responding to commercial e-mail0000.00.0%
Web: company's site331906,277104.64.0%
Web: responding to ad41124477.50.3%
Web: music site181111,99133.21.3%
Web: movies site271423,84164.02.5%
E-mail totals:16223738,499641.724.6%
Web totals:993134118,2461,970.875.4%

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